Harry Potter: Facts You Didn’t Know About The Sorcerer’s Stone

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The upcoming Harry Potter reunion on HBO Max brings a lot of memories especially for fans who grew up watching the films. Because of this, many avid Potterheads took a trip down memory lane and relived their favorite films, one of which is The Sorcerer’s Stone.


A lot of things went into the filming of the first movie. From casting the roles to scouting locations, the crew had a challenging yet fulfilling job. Even for die-hard fans, some may not be aware of these things that actually happened prior to and during the filming process. Check out this intriguing set of trivia about the first Harry Potter movie!

Canterbury Cathedral Rejected Warner Bros’ Harry Potter

Hogwarts Harry Potter


A lot of time and budget was allotted to the stunning backdrops and set designs in the movie. The Hogwarts is one of the most detailed and most intricate pieces that required special attention. The production crew scouted many locations to get the perfect scenery.

Despite their efforts, Canterbury Cathedral refused to accept the production’s proposal and money. The church rejected Warner Bros because of the paganism theme that is present in the movie.

The End Scene Was Filmed First

Hogwarts Express Hagrid Harry Potter


The final scene in The Sorcerer’s Stone saw Harry bids farewell to Hagrid as he boards the Hogwarts Express. This scene was actually shot first.

The thing that makes this special is the heartfelt emotions that the cast displayed. The entire shooting of the film was just beginning, but it seemed like Robbie Coltrane and Daniel Radcliffe have shared a lot of memories already.

Richard Harris Turned Down Dumbledore Role Thrice

Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter


Harris initially did not want to take the role of Albus Dumbledore. It was his granddaughter who convinced him to accept it. The influence of Harry Potter on children is so profound, and it was definitely a magical moment for the young girl to watch her grandfather in the film.

Unfortunately, his passing brought an immense impact on the franchise. Many fans consider him as the best Dumbledore, and he will forever be missed.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Parents Never Wanted Him To Become Harry Potter

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe


It was a huge undertaking to play a role for eight films, let alone a franchise so big and popular where expectations are really high. Daniel’s parents never wanted him to take the role because of its stressful impact on him as a child.

Living and growing up in the spotlight, together with his co-stars, brought immense pressure to them. It is understandable that his parents were just thinking about his wellness. Good thing they were promised to give attention to their son’s health and safety.

The Food At The Great Hall Were Rotten

Great Hall


The events at the Great Hall are so grand and festive that required a boatload of food and beverages. It was, however, one of the most challenging scenes to film.

Because the shooting usually takes several days, they are only edible on the first day. The dishes then, despite rotten and almost decaying, were still used as props for the following days.


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