“You can often make 2 to 3x the amount of money”: Warner Brothers Allegedly Rebooting Harry Potter as They Want To Milk as Many Franchises as They Can

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Harry Potter’s influence on pop culture has been immaculate, rekindling the love for mysticism & supernatural natural themes in a technology-driven generation whose cultural impact on the wizarding community cant be brushed aside. For over a decade, the main IP has been sidelined & the spinoff Fantastic beast series hasn’t been able to regenerate the same stature as its predecessor. Fans have been thriving for some quality visits to the school of witchcraft magic over the years & finally, their prayers may have been heard but not the way they would presume.

David Zaslav plans on furthering the Harry Potter franchise
David Zaslav plans on furthering the Harry Potter franchise

In the recent company’s 2022 Q3 earnings call, David Zaslav illustrated his passion to advance the Harry Potter franchise forward & how it had been sidelined over the last 15 years postulating its success in the past & how it has been a good earner for WB & his conviction over franchises triumph which tends to make 2 to 3 times the money for the company.

He later added,


“And so when you have a franchise movie, you can often make 2 to 3x the amount of money you make in the U.S. because you get a slot. And a focus on the big movies that are loved, that are tentpole, that people are going to leave home, leave early from dinner to go to see and we have a lot of them, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, if we can do something with J.K. on Harry Potter going forward, Lord of the Rings. What are we doing with Game of Thrones? What are we doing with a lot of the big franchises that we have? We’re focused on franchises.”

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The three main Harry Potter stars

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Harry potter is likely to be a reboot moving forward

In an overexpanding world of Hollywood reboots and remakes of previously established IPs is more habitual than ever, the chosen one may land into the same pit. After two months of Zaslav’s hearing, a known scooper wdwpro twitted about the rumor of the franchise’s initial reboot. To the dismay of the magnanimous amount of fans, the mainline series is more likely to be rebooted & with the original cast of Potter, Hermione & Ron to be recast. The fans who came to adore Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of the titular character are unsure about the decision to be helmed in the wizarding world.



The initial reboot could reignite the franchise

Although the original 7 book part & 8 part movies are considered heralded as untouchable by the fandom, exploring the world of Harry potter in a brand new approach would be refreshing & a new take on the characters on the silver screen can be a good call & quiet understandable from a business point of view by bringing one of their most commercially & beloved franchise to the limelight again for the new audience.

Considering David Zaslav’s passion for franchises & Just how Disney remakes all the classics every 10 years, people can be hopeful instead of doubtful about the succeeding future of JK Rowling’s chef-d’oeuvre. In addition, they can explore things that were left out of the books in the OG movies. The tech in the movies & all have improved elementally & a reboot of harry potter can bring new energy and vibes.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter – Warner Bros. plans on reviving the OG Wizarding World

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