Harry Styles Rejected Lead Role in Emilia Clarke’s Christmas Movie Despite Director’s Numerous Requests

Harry Styles Had The Right Reasons To Reject Paul Feig's 2019 Film

Harry Styles Rejected Lead Role in Emilia Clarke’s Christmas Movie Despite Director’s Numerous Requests


  • Despite being a big name in the industry, Harry Styles isn't interested in pursuing acting as a primary career.
  • Noted director Paul Feig recently shared how he repeatedly tried to convince Harry Styles to star in his 2019 festive film.
  • With speculation over his future in the MCU also making rounds, Styles appears determined to choose his acting roles carefully.
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Harry Styles has proven that he can make a splash everywhere, by acting in multiple movies of late. Being part of the popular band One Direction, Styles has effectively proven that he can do it all. From appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine to making an impact on the big screen, the As it Was singer, has multiple talents to his name.

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Harry Styles during a live performance
Harry Styles during a live performance

Though Styles is primarily a singer, he knows how to act, and earned praise from viewers via his official acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 war epic film, Dunkirk. However, that does not mean that he will prefer acting as a primary career. Styles turned down Paul Feig in 2019 for his festive rom-com movie, Last Christmas.


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Paul Feig Failed To Persuade Harry Styles For His 2019 Festive Film

Everyone loves watching Harry Styles, as he has been immensely popular right from his X Factor. After One Direction’s indefinite hiatus, he went on to pursue his solo career and even ventured into acting. And we know how he has made a significant impact in the film industry. However, he is very careful when it comes to choosing his roles, as he once turned down the opportunity to work with Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids.

Paul Feig's Last Christmas
Paul Feig’s Last Christmas

During an exclusive interview with The Sun via Mirror, he shared that he loved the actor, and was extremely interested in casting the actor for a few movies but that plans never became a reality, as Styles felt he was “too young for the role.” 

“I love Harry. We wanted him to play the part that Henry Golding played but he turned it down because he felt he was too young for the role. I’ve tried to get him in a few movies.”

The director jokingly added that the singer-turned-actor is a “big-shot now,” and it will be difficult to make him a part of his films.

A still from Last Christmas
A still from Last Christmas

“Harry is a big-shot now. Maybe we will get him when he is on the way down.”

While Harry Styles is very careful with his roles, he is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he made his debut in the superhero franchise in Eternals as Eros. He recently shared his plans for the future and whether he will make a return before Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Harry Styles’ Future as Eros In The MCU

The Sign of the Times singer has embarked on a career as a solo artist, and he has enjoyed success alone. Though he was a great actor, he was lost in the sea of actors, where big names such as Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and many more. This was until he appeared in the mid-credits scene of Chloé Zhao’s Eternals. 

Harry Styles as Eros in Marvel's Eternals
Harry Styles as Eros in Marvel’s Eternals

However, after making his debut in Eternals, his character has not made any appearance in any of the films or TV Series, and fans started to wonder if they will see the character in the future or not. Nate Moore, the VP of Production at Marvel appeared as a guest on the Deadline Crew Call podcast, where he talked about the future of the character.


“We certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag…He’s fascinating. He has a really interesting connection with Thanos; they’re half-brothers and share the same father. He has an interesting power set…And I think there’s no limit to how good that character’s going to be once we get to bring him back.”

While Harry Styles didn’t appear in MCU films, he did appear in Don’t Worry Darling which was quite controversial and had mixed reviews from viewers and critics, amidst moderate success at the box office.

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Last Christmas can be rented on AppleTV.


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