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Hawkeye Episode 4: Every MCU Easter Egg, EXPLAINED

Hawkeye Episode 4 Every MCU Easter Egg EXPLAINED

Most of you know that Hawkeye is now up for streaming on Disney+. The series has released four episodes so far that are all breathtaking in their own nonchalant manner. The titles are as follows: “Never meet your heroes,” “Hide and seek,” “Echoes,” and the latest one, “Partners, Am i right?” This latest episode has created quite the additional buzz. Not just that the plot is a real rollercoaster ride, the theme of this episode too is quite thrilling. The audience was expecting the episode to go on a lighter note on account of Christmas, but the episode went the other way. However, there are a bunch of MCU easter eggs that fans are excited about. Here are some of them.

When Jack sees Hawkeye in his room, he tries to recall his name but can’t. So he calls him Archer; that’s where Barton corrects him. This incident reminds us of Clinton Archer, who is an alternate version of this hero from Earth-9602’s Judgement League Avenger. There are more versions of him called the Golden Archer, Black Archer, and Hawkeye Moniker.

Clinton Archer- Hawkeye
A picture of Clinton Archer from comics

When Jack, Kate, Eleanor, and Barton have a chat over coffee, fans can’t help but notice the coffee mugs. The green hexagon and bees remind us of the obvious. That is, the Breaking Bad franchise! This doesn’t seem like a coincidence as Tony Dalton portrays Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul.

Breaking bad hallmark- Hawkeye
The coffee cup that has the hallmark of Breaking Bad

When Eleanor Bishop asks Hawkeye if he has kids, the hero doesn’t reveal anything. Now, this part requires prior knowledge of MCU. The ones who have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron know that Hawkeye’s family is in hiding, and only selected people know where. Clearly, Hawkeye still is in no mood to reveal anything about them.

The hidden family
The hidden family

There is a popular fan theory that Madame Masque is either Kate’s mother or is somehow related to her. Hawkeye episode four vaguely strengthens this notion. On a few occasions, there is a portrait of a lady that looks like the comic version of Madame Masque. 

photo frames
The frames with the lady

Hawkeye accuses Jack of money laundering. He claims that jack does it for “the big guy,” referring to Kingpin. This can be taken quite literally as Kingpin’s debut in MCU was long overdue.


In episode four, clint drinks from a cup that says, “Thanos was right,” revisiting an age-long argument. We don’t need easter eggs to remember this Titan. He is one of the most legendary villains of the MCU. Kate’s aunt, hands down, supports him.

Thanos was right- Hawkeye
The debate “on” coffee

When Kate asks Hawkeye for a plan, he says, “Planning’s not really my thing.” This makes us realize, Hawkeye really never has been in the frontline when it comes to planning in MCU. Whenever he’s needed a scientific solution, Hulk and Iron Man go into the picture, and Captain America does the same in the area of battlefield strategies. 

He can’t plan

Hawkeye disapproves of the boomerang arrow that Kate believes will work. But, surprisingly, that’s not the case in comics. According to comics, Hawkeyes is really impressed by the concept, and it’s kate who thinks it’s impractical.

Boomerang arrow- Hawkeye
Going left from the comic

Hawkeye reveals his original powers to Kate. He throws a Christmas ball across the room to turn off the TV. This brings him closer to his description in the comics, where his power isn’t just archery but superhuman accuracy in everything.

accuracy- Hawkeye
Hawkeye isn’t just an archer, but also has accuracy in any sort of aim


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