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Hawkeye Spinoff Series Based on ‘Echo’ Reportedly in Works for Disney+


Disney+ is currently gathering more and more subscribers, thanks to the big-budget MCU shows which have created a lot of buzz in the last three months. WandaVision did wonders for the streamer. Now people are hoping that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will even surpass that. Well, the MCU shows following Sam & Bucky’s story in 2021 will definitely elongate the hype train. And the best among the upcoming series could be Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.


Clint Barton has been in the MCU since 2010. He got major importance in 2012. And now finally, we are getting a story that will dive deeper into Clint Barton’s legacy. It will give us a new Hawkeye in Kate Bishop. But it will also explore Clint Barton’s days as Ronin. That part was mostly left untouched by Avengers: Endgame, and now we’ll get more from it. In fact, we might actually get a new Ronin in the MCU as well.

Ronin Echo Hawkeye

Whatever Clint did as an assassin will now come back to haunt him. The confirmation for his Ronin past comes with the involvement of Maya Lopez. In the comics, she is a deaf Native American woman who originally went by the title of “Echo.” Then, she took on the mantle of Ronin after Clint left it behind. So, that could happen in the MCU as Actress Alaqua Cox has been cast as Maya Lopez. And another probable evidence for this comes with Variety‘s exclusive new report.

The News

Hawkeye Echo alaqua coz

Variety‘s sources have confirmed that “a show centered on Echo, a deaf Native American character who will be played by Alaqua Cox in the “Hawkeye” series, is in the early stages of development for Disney Plus.”

It’s good to see that Marvel trying to give us more and more exclusive content. First, we found out about the Wakanda spinoff series being developed by Ryan Coogler. And now, we’re getting information about an ‘Echo’ series. Not only does it take us in the direction of more diverse action-packed stories, but it also explores great new characters.

echo kingpin

Maya Lopez is a bit similar to Taskmaster in her ability as she can perfectly copy another person’s movements or fighting style. She has connections with characters like Kingpin, Daredevil, Moon Knight, and many others. So, these characters can certainly show up in her solo outing. It will also be interesting to see what she does in Hawkeye, and how that will lead into her own show.

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Written by Vansh Mehra

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