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WandaVision: 20 Heartbreaking Moments

MCU phase four’s first creation made us go through all kinds of emotions. The nine episodes were full of happy, funny, sad, terrifying, and many nail-biting incidents that had the viewers on the edges of their seats. The series gave a new depth to Wanda’s character and has kept fans wondering what happens next. Meanwhile, we have compiled 21 heartbreaking moments from WandaVision that had us all sobbing. Get ready for the emotional roller coaster. You are going to want an ice-cream tub later.

1. Geraldine and Wanda’s conversation about Pietro

Pietro still has a soft, little corner in everyone’s hearts. The mention of his death and Wanda’s reaction to this, crushed our hearts. 

Heartbreaking moments of WandaVision

2. Wanda’s first visit to Westview after Vision dies.

Even thinking about this moment in the series would make fans weep in a corner. When Wanda visits Westview to see the plot where Vision and Wanda planned to live and grow old together is another heart-crushing incidence.

WandVisions's heartbreaking moments

3. When Monica learns about Maria Rambeau’s Death

Monica returns from the Blip and runs towards the hospital wing to visit her mom, only to realize that she’s no more. The sadder part is when she realizes that she has been gone for two years while she thinks it was just 20 minutes.

Heartbreaking moments of WandaVision

4. Wanda’s visit to the S.W.O.R.D facility to find Vision

She visits the S.W.O.R.D facility only to request Hayward to let her take Vision and give him a proper burial. The way she asks him, saying “he’s all that I have,” breaks hearts into million pieces.

Heartbreaking moments

5. The heart-wrenching callback to Avengers: Infinity War

After insisting, Hayward lets her bid her last goodbye to Vision. This callback is the most heart-wrenching callback ever.



6. Monica expressing her grief for her mother

In order to help Wanda, Monica tries to empathize with her by explaining her own grief. She tries to explain to Wanda that she should accept the truth the same way she did.

Heartbreaking moments

7. Wanda and Vision fight over the mishaps in Westview (or the hex)

Finally, seeing Wanda and Vision living their dream life together was probably what every real fan wanted to see, especially after watching the Endgame. But as the fights between the two started getting bigger and bitter, every fan must have also felt the same level of anxiety that the characters must have felt. Seeing them fight and then separate would be the last thing they wanted to see (after Vision’s death).

Wanda and Vision about to fight, Vision angry and scared because he can't remember life before Westview and doesn't know who he is

8. When Wanda sees a glimpse of Vision and Pietro’s actual states

One of the heartbreaking moments is where Wanda sees a glimpse of the dead Pietro and Vision. Wanda finally opens up to her brother about her pain and confusion but sees his true form. It still gives goosebumps!

WandaVision Easter Eggs Episode 6

Avengers Endgame Cut Scene Relates To WandaVision


9. Wanda’s (sad) family reunion

Agatha makes her walk down some very painful memory lanes. One of which is when she sees her family again. She felt happy, but only for a moment since she had to watch her parents die in front of her eyes AGAIN!

The family watching TV, her parents being crushed by the rubble, Wanda and Pietro hiding, and a stark industries weapon landing in their living room

10. Wanda expressing her grief about Pietro’s death

Another sad moment from her flashbacks which she had to relive: After Pietro dies, she confides with Vision about how nothing else comforts her and how terribly she misses him. 

heartbreaking moments

11. Vision and Wanda bond over this moment

Right after Wanda loses her brother, Vision intrudes and tries to comfort her. This is a very heartwarming moment but crushes it at the same time to even imagine what Wanda must’ve gone through.

Vision saying he'd like to understand how Wanda is feeling if it would be comforting and her saying the only thing that would do that is seeing Pietro again

12. Vision’s efforts while trying to comfort Wanda gave us a line to live for

However thought-provoking this might be, it still is one of the heartbreaking moments in the show. While Vision was trying to comfort Wanda, he says:

heartbreaking moments from WandaVision

13. The pain Wanda must’ve gone through while she was experimented on

The flashbacks she has because of Agatha, fans were able to have a glimpse of the kind of pain she must’ve felt during the course of her experimentation.

WandaVision' Episode 8 Splays Wanda's Trauma for All to See

Heartbreaking moments

14. Wanda’s reaction after seeing White Vision for the first time

After living in a false reality for so long, she sees Vision’s real (white) version. The way her expectations after seeing him crumble was a heartbreaking sight to watch. 

Vision touching her face, then squeezing and saying "and I was told you were powerful"

15. Wanda gets the first reality check when Dottie speaks.

Dottie is probably one of the rudest characters in the show. But when Agatha lifts Wanda’s magic and Dottie speaks about her daughter; every viewer must have sympathized with her.

heartbreaking moments Dottie

16. Wanda’s grief starts turning into guilt and confusion.

After hearing from the rest of the Westview residents, her grief soon changes into the guilt of being the captor. 

heartbreaking moments

17. After realizing the consequences of her Chaos Magic, Wanda opens the hex to free the residents.

To ease their pain, she tries to let them all go, and for that, she opens up the hex. While doing so, she didn’t think of her dying family. The sight was as painful as it was to describe it.

heartbreaking moments

18. Revisiting the memories through White Visions

In the middle of Vision and White Vision’s intellectual discussion, Vision tries to explain the suppressed memories White Vision has about Wanda and his death. Not just Vision but viewers also had to go through the heartbreaking moments again. 





heartbreaking moments


19. Wanda and Vision’s goodbye to the kids

Their kids were the sweetest part of the storyline. Wanda’s values to inculcate about being a family were heart-touching, and the goodbye broke millions of hearts. 

heartbreaking moments

20. Lastly, Vision and Wanda are saying goodbye to each other.

Wanda and Vision’s chemistry has made them the favorite MCU couple for so many fans. Watching them say goodbye to each other again and seeing Vision die again for the third time has got to be one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show.

most heartbreaking moments of WandaVision


We sincerely hope the next ending for the poor Wanda turns out to be a happy ending for her. These moments the series gave us were roller coaster rides, which we weren’t even prepared for. Let’s hope we get to see more of Wanda and Vision again soon.


Written by FandomWire Staff