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White Vision: Every Past MCU Scene In His Flashback

Every MCU Scene In White Vision’s Flashback

In the final episode of WandaVision, Vision grants White Vision the power to have his memories back from all the MCU movies. Vision and White Vision have been rivals throughout the series. The uncertainty of who the real Vision is causes a rift between them. The battle in the final episode finally led to Vision granting memories to White Vision. White Vision had been powerful throughout but what he did not have was the power to understand emotions or humanity. With this final reboot of memories, White Vision gets an access to the past he had as a Synthezoid in MCU movies. While Wanda had created Vision in Hex with her powers, White Vision could exist outside Hex also. White Vision is the ORIGINAL VISION. He was Tony Stark’s A.I. manservant. He is also the amalgamation of Stark, Bruce Banner and Ultron. So when he gets his memories back, he has flashbacks from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War.

The flackbacks were not long or in a linear fashion, they were insequencial and gave away only some information. The flashbacks were from these three movies where White Vision had existed in different forms. His memories had earlier been inaccessible for him and only Vision could help him. Vision had the powers to grant anyone their memories, like he did to the people in Westview who were captured by Wanda. Both the Synthezoids came together to download all the memories of White Vision from the previously made movies. White Vision’s memories revolved around his love for Wanda and his flashbacks were a proof of that.


White Vision has flashbacks of the battle he fought with Avengers against Ultron’s drones.

White Vision’s flashback reveals to him how he is the original Vision. The initial flashbacks were from his birth in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. He remembered how it was Thor’s lightning that actually gave him life in the cradle. Dr. Helen Cho had kept him in this cradle. After this, his memories move to a later part of his life. This is where Vision comes face to face with Ultron’s drones. Later, he moves to Sokovia for a battle. This is the battle where he fights against Ultron’s drones along with the other Avengers and Wanda. He is reminded of Thor’s hammer that he swings during the battle. The battle ends in Vision holding Ultron’s head in his flashbacks. He does so to erase all the murderous androids from the Internet.

White Vision has flashbacks from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR


Vision is next reminded of his memories from Avengers: Infinity War. Unlike the previously discussed narrative, events in this movie are more traumatic. He has flashbacks of Wanda going for the Battle of Wakanda. Next, he remembers Shuri trying to extract the Mind Stone from Vision. She does this using Wakandan Technology. He remembers Thanos coming to Wakanda during all this chaos. He sees Wanda who tries to destroy the Mind Stone while also dealing with Thanos. After this, he has a series of flashbacks from another movie. After Civil Wars, he returns to flashbacks from Avengers: Infinity War again. He remembers Wanda and their romantic journey and him killing her. Vision has flashbacks of Wanda killing him for the second time and Thanos taking away his Mind Stone. White Vision watches his own death from the point of view of Wanda. He is then taken back to the time when he was killed for the first time. Vision has flashbacks of Wanda destroying the Mind Stone. He also remembers the kiss he shared with Wanda in Scotland before dying for the first time.


White Vision has flashbacks from Captain America: Civil War when he cooked food for Wanda.

Between the two flashbacks that White Vision has for Avengers: Infinity War, he has one from Captain America: Civil War. These flashbacks were mostly related to his relationship with Wanda. He remembers cooking paprikash for her. While he remembers her smiling, he also remembers her fighting him. Wanda had used her powers to stand against Vision. When Clint Barton came to rescue her from the house arrest, she fought Vision. After this, he is reminded of the last time he held her at Berlin Airport during the battle. 

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