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MCU Phase 4: All New Marvel Characters Confirmed To Appear

MCU Phase 4 will introduce a lot of new Marvel characters to the shared cinematic universe. These are the few major characters that will greatly impact and influence the MCU Phase 4 and beyond.



Aja is the leader of the Eternals in the comic books. In the MCU movie, Ajax will be played by Salma Hayek. The character has been gender-swapped for the live action movie. In the comic books, Ajak is one of the most powerful eternals to ever exist. He once led the Eternals in one of the first wars they waged on the Deviants for the fate of humanity.


Another powerful Eternal who is basically a villain in the comic books, Druig will be played by Barry Koeghan. Despite playing a more sinister role, Druig is a very well-respected figure within his kind. he fulfils the same role in the Eternals that Loki does in the Norse pantheon. He has a genius level intellect and is one of the top warriors of his race.

Black Knight

Black Knight will be played none other than the game of Thrones star Kit Harrington. Armed with the mystical Ebony Blade. Dane Whitman hails from a long line of warriors with a cursed bloodline. Whitman has been a member of the Avengers as well. His fighting proficiency and swordsmanship skills are second to none.


Don Lee will play the Eternal known as Gilgamesh in the movie. Gilgamesh is one of the most powerful Eternals to have been ever born. In the comics, Gilgamesh was exiled. He roamed the earth and focused on developing his strength. Gilgamesh’s brute strength is arguably the greatest of all eternals. he is also referred to as The Forgotten One.


Makkari is the Marvel Comic Book Universe’s fastest Eternal. In fact, he is the only Eternal to have defeated The Runner in a race, a being who has spent an eternity developing solely his speed. Lauren Ridloff will play the character in the series.


Kingo is an Eternal who also masquerades as a movie star in Bollywood. Kumail Nanjiani will play Kingo in the movie. Kingo has exceptional sword fighting skills in the comics. Maybe we might see Nanjiani wielding a blade in battle.


Ikaris is the closest the Eternals have come to create their version of DC’s Superman. His powers revolves around comic energy manipulation and flight. He will be played by Richard Madden in Eternals.


Phastos is an openly Gay Eternal in the comic books. Mistaken for the Greek Blacksmith God Hepheastus, Phastos is a genius level engineer who has crafted most of the weapons wielded by other eternals like Kingo’s sword and Icarus’ flight harness.


Actor Gemma Chan will essay the role of Sersi in the movie. Sersi uses her comic energy manipulation powers to harness the ability of telepathy and telekinesis.


Thena is one of Eternals’ top warriors. Daughter of Zuras and Cybele, Thena is also related by blood to Thanos and Starfox. The Deviant Lord Kro has been a regular romantic interest for Thena. she will be played by Angelina Jolie.


A trickster Eternal locked in a child’s form for all eternity, Sprite will be played by Lia McHugh. She will also serve as a source of comic relief in the movie.


Marvel is yet to cast an actor to play the Deviant Lord Kro. Kro has been an ally as well as enemy to the Eternals. He is a powerful foe well-known for his incredible shape shifting abilities.

Black Widow

Red Guardian

Alexei Shostakov was once Soviet Russia’s greatest test pilots. he was later drafted into a program that wanted to create Russia’s answer to USA’s Captain America. the character played by David Harbour was once even married to Black Widow in the comics.


Mason is a potential romantic interest for Natasha Romanoff. O-T Fagbenle will portray the character in the Black Widow movie.

Iron Maiden

This is the character that will be played by Rachel Weisz in Black Widow. In the comic books, Iron Maiden is another super spy that came out of the Soviet red Room program just like Black Widow. But her accomplishments were always overshadowed by Natasha’s. hence she grew quite resentful of her.

Yelena Belova

The second Black Widow from the comic books will be portrayed by Florence Pugh in the movie. The character also hails from the same soviet Red Room program like Iron Maiden and Natasha Romanoff.


A prominent super villain in the comic books, Taskmaster is one of the most skilled close quarter combatants of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The identity of the actor who plays the role is yet to be revealed. Taskmaster holds a unique skill which allows the villain to observe and mirror any fighting style.

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Falcon And The Winter Soldier

US Agent

John Walker is a grittier, more government friendly version of Captain America. While Cap refrains from treading on morally grey areas, John Walker has no such qualms. The anti-hero will be played by Wyatt Russell.



The movie Blade’s titular character will be essayed by Mahershala Ali of Luke Cage fame. The character is a vampire hunter who also happens to be a vampire himself but happens to be immune to Vampiric weaknesses.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Shang-Chi will feature a new version of the Mandarin, leader of the Ten Rings organization. The Ten Rings have already appeared in the first Iron Man movie. So has the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Instead of Ben Kingsley, Mandarin will have a new face in the form of Tony Leung.


Known as the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi is the God of Martial Arts. Simu Liu brings this character to life in the movie of the same name.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel will feature the actor Iman Vellani essay the role of Kamala Khan, an Inhuman who also happens to be a huge fan of Captain Marvel. Her powers allow her to change the size of her body.

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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is the protégé of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye and the heir to the Hawkeye mantle. In the comics, Bishop also happens to be a major member of the Young Avengers squad. Hailee Steinfeld essays the role in the upcoming Hawkeye series.


Lady Loki

Sophia Di  Martino essays the role of the female version of the Norse God of Mischief in the Loki series.

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