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“He also doesn’t take himself seriously”: Robert Downey Jr Confessed His True Feelings For Chris Evans

Robert Downey Jr Confessed His True Feelings For Chris Evans

We all love Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, not only for their on-screen action but also for their off-screen bromance. The duo has constantly impressed the audience with their fabulous performance and chemistry. The two not only support, but also complement each other well.

Marvel’s fanbase is hugely divided between these two iconic heroes and has left many fans struggling to pick either one of them as their bias or favorite character. This competition became even more ferocious after Captain America: Civil war, where both the characters, aka Ironman and Captain America, were pitted against each other.

But unbothered by all this, both world-famous stars share a lovely bond together. Both actors have never hesitated to either openly praise or troll each other in front of the media.

Robert Downey Jr. kissing Chris Evans
Iron man and Caption America’s off-screen moments

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Robert Downey Jr’s journey in Marvel with Chris Evans

We all are well aware of the fact Robert Downey Jr. was even responsible for convincing Chris Evans to accept Marvel’s offer. Though they first met at Golden Globe’s after party, Evans stated that he was terrified to see RDJ on set the very first time and that everyone on the set was intimidated by the mere presence of the beloved actor. Both the actor, ever since that day, have done some real iconic work in the Avengers series. Not only this, their unbreakable bond made them both walk out of the Avengers series together in the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

Robert Downey Jr. confesses to Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr. with co-star Chris Evans.

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Chris Evans – True Soulmate of Robert Downey Jr.

Who would have thought that RDJ once asked the First Avenger, Captain America, to “Man Up” before the premiere, as Evans was a “nervous nelly” as stated by RDJ for their big opening. But in the same statement, he also agreed and accepted the fact that he loved both Chris Evans and Captain America.

iron man captain america endgame 1200x581 1
Ironman and Captain America

In a podcast, Robert Downey Jr. mentioned how his M.O. is to mind meld and spend some quality time together with his co-stars to ignite that familiarity and bond between them and how sometimes this entire process happens just so naturally with few people. Without hesitating he went ahead and mentioned his co-star Chris Evans and stated-

“I adore Chris Evans. I can’t even tell you why, he is a Boston guy. He is technically and such a brilliant actor but he also doesn’t take himself seriously. He’s flaky but he is the first guy you would want to have your back if something went down.”

Confessing his feelings and praising Evans, Robert Downey Jr. once again presented his deep admiration for his buddy-cum-bro. This is surely not the first time either of the actors has confronted their fans by annoying over each other. Yet this time, it had deeper significance as after their departure from the Avengers series, the fans were unable to capture these sweet moments between the two because of both of their busy schedules. The fans surely seem delighted with RDJ’s wholesome words as they eagerly wait to see the hit duo once again in action on the big screen. 

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