“He basically had no love in his life”: Kevin Hart Feels Only One Person Earned Mike Tyson’s Respect While Everyone Else Was Afraid of Him

Kevin Hart Feels Only One Person Earned Mike Tyson’s Respect While Everyone Else Was Afraid of Him
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Mike Tyson is undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers to ever exist. Although his career went through some controversial ups and downs, he made sure to maintain a name for himself. This even led celebrities from many other fields to praise the heavyweight boxer. Popular comedian and actor Kevin Hart also raised headlines by praising Tyson when the latter became a part of his discussion with Joe Rogan.

Mike Tyson at an event
Mike Tyson

The Joe Rogan Experience is renowned for bringing many notable stars who discuss several topics during the podcast. When the Jumanji actor joined the popular podcaster, Mike Tyson formed a major part of their discussion and both individuals couldn’t speak less about him.

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What did Kevin Hart say about Mike Tyson?

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

During the podcast with Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan narrated the story about the sad past of Mike Tyson. The UFC commentator broke the story about how the 57-year-old champion was alone in his early days until he met his mentor Cus D’Amato.

“He’s one of those super winners that just- when he was young… he was, basically had no love in his life. Until he met Cus D’Amato.”

Soon after that D’Amato turned out to be a great father figure to Tyson. As a fantastic coach, he assured Mike Tyson that boxing would help him reach heights and he would be one of the greatest boxers of all time: “You’re gonna get love from accomplishment and you’re gonna conquer and you’re gonna become the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time”. 


Hearing this, Kevin Hart added how Iron Mike is an unbeatable force in the ring who doesn’t respect anyone but his late coach.

“He was the Pit Bull with no leash, that respected one person. And anybody else at any given time feared the f**k out of this Pit Bull.”

As the talks advanced, Joe Rogan also added more about Mike Tyson’s uniqueness and how he stands out from the other boxers. He thinks that The Baddest Man on the Planet possesses a fire in him that makes him distinct from the others.

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Why did Mike Tyson call out Kevin Hart?

Mike Tyson in China Salesman (2017)
Mike Tyson in China Salesman (2017)

Interestingly, Mike Tyson also runs a podcast of his own titled Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. When Kevin Hart appeared in an episode of the podcast, the fans saw a hilarious moment as the host called the comedian a liar.

The moment came up when Kevin Hart was discussing his movies. Iron Mike added in the middle that the Me Time actor promised him to give a chance in his movie which never took place.

You lied to me that one day, when we did a commercial about the movie s**t. He lied, put me in some movies s**t.”

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Tyson has also been part of several movies after enjoying fame as a professional boxer. He is known for making many special appearances. It was also announced in 2015 that a film was being made about him by Martin Scorsese with Jamie Foxx playing his role. Although many fans were doubtful about the movie, especially after Foxx’s bad health condition, recently Mike Tyson hinted at a hopeful outcome of the movie.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience 


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