“He can’t go no carb”: Ryan Reynolds’ “Boring and Clean” Diet For Deadpool 3 Transformation

Reynolds also incorporates strength training and foam rolling into his fitness routine to avoid injuries.

"He can't go no carb": Ryan Reynolds' "Boring and Clean" Diet For Deadpool 3 Transformation


  • Ryan Reynolds, the actor known for playing Deadpool, is preparing for Deadpool 3 by following a different approach than other Hollywood stars.
  • He refuses to decrease his calorie intake or cut carbs, as he prioritizes spending time with his family and managing his soccer club.
  • Reynolds is working with personal trainer Don Saladino to maintain his physique and fuel his body with a clean and nourishing diet
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It’s not easy to be Ryan Reynolds. The actor turned businessman turned soccer club owner works round the clock, making his transformation journey for Deadpool 3 all the more interesting and different from other Hollywood stars.

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Ryan Reynolds in and as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Usually, the first step most actors take in an attempt to achieve a lean look that quickly defines their muscles is to drop their calorie intake. However, the Canadian can’t keep himself away from carbs – which also leads to a decrease in energy levels – solely because of his film role due to other priorities, including spending time with his family and looking after his soccer club, Wrexham A.F.C.


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How Ryan Reynolds Is Training for Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds is getting ready to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wade Wilson with the much-anticipated Deadpool 3. So far, the third installment of the X-Men-based franchise has generated the most headlines due to Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine joining hands with the Merc with a Mouth.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 3.

However, as we approach closer to the movie’s release – which is penciled in for the first half of 2024 – the spotlight will be back on Reynolds and his titular character. To get in shape for the wisecracking hero, who often relies more on his big mouth than his muscles to impress fans, the actor is eating a nourishing diet, including plenty of carbs. Incidentally, the actor is being helped by personal trainer Don Saladino, whom he met through Jackman.

“He’s not starving himself,” Saladino told Insider. “Ryan is eating, he’s fueling his body.” Further, what Reynold is eating, as per Saladino is, “a bit boring” and “incredibly clean.” The food items that make up his boring diet list are oatmeal, protein powder, salmon, vegetables, sweet potato, and chicken.


His personal trainer emphasized that the actor isn’t dropping his calories too low due to his other commitments.

 “He can’t go no-carb and expect to be a dad and work on his businesses and then shoot for 14 hours a day,” Saladino said. “It doesn’t happen. He’s one of the busiest human beings I’ve ever met.”

Apart from his boring diet, Reynolds breaks sweat by strength training, which involves lifting weights with varying intensity to avoid injury. But before going all in, he starts his training session with foam rolling to massage the muscle tissue and increase circulation.


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What Deadpool 3 Star Ryan Reynolds Said About His Trainer on Instagram

Despite all the well-planned diets and training sessions, injuries are part of life for actors who frequently do stunts. Having done multiple superhero-themed action movies, including Green Lantern, Reynolds has had his fair share of injuries.

Ryan Reynolds with his trainer Don Saladino
Ryan Reynolds with his trainer Don Saladino.

However, every time he has managed to bounce back thanks to Saladino, who has trained him for 14 years. Accordingly, the Red Notice star took to Instagram on Monday to thank his trainer.


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We certainly can’t wait to see what Reynolds and Saladino have in store for Deadpool fans come May 2024.


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