“He didn’t give me back my pearls”: Late Singer Prince Stole a Fan’s Jewelry After Going on a Blind Date With Her

Prince's unexpected twist as a fan's tale of losing her pearls after a blind date with the iconic singer leaves her speechless.

“He didn’t give me back my pearls”: Late Singer Prince Stole a Fan’s Jewelry After Going on a Blind Date With Her


  • Prince took a fan's jewelry after a blind date, sparking intrigue and leaving Lisa Barber with unforgettable memories.
  • Despite not getting her pearls back, Barber described Prince as a dream date with a lasting impact.
  • Prince, an American music icon, left an indelible mark with his boundary-pushing tunes and flamboyant style, influencing generations of artists.
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Celebrity stories are always popping up, right? Well, here’s one that’s got people talking. So, Prince, the legendary singer, goes on this blind date with a fan named Lisa Barber. Sounds pretty normal, huh? But hold on, there’s a twist. When the date’s over, the 57-year-old walks away with Lisa’s jewelry! Can you believe it?

Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince Rogers Nelson (credit: Architectural Digest)

Talk about the unexpected! It’s like something out of a movie. This little escapade gives us a peek into Prince’s quirky world, where anything can happen, even on a regular old date.

Prince Took A Fan’s Jewelry Post-Blind Date Rendezvous

So, picture this: Prince, the legendary singer, goes on a blind date with a fan named Lisa Barber. Now, that’s not something you hear every day, right? Well, after their little rendezvous, here’s the kicker: Prince walks away with Lisa’s jewelry.


Yeah, you read that right! Talk about a plot twist! This whole thing got people talking, and wondering what happened. Let’s backtrack a bit. The musician who won seven Grammy awards sadly passed away at 57.

Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince Rogers Nelson (credit: via The Guardian, 2007 Super Bowl, Photograph: Chris O’Meara/AP)

But back in 1986, he was all about celebrating the release of his movie, Under the Cherry Moon. So, to hype it up, he agrees to this blind date with a contest winner. Lisa Barber, a 20-year-old motel chambermaid from Sheridan, Wyoming, lucked out big time.

She called MTV and boom, she’s the 10,000th caller, winning a date with Prince and a premiere of his movie in her hometown. Can you imagine the excitement? Barber was over the moon, and so were her pals.


They couldn’t believe it! Next, people from all over are calling Barber, begging for tickets to Prince’s party. She’s suddenly the most popular person in town.

Now, let’s talk about the date itself. The Kiss singer, being the gentleman he was, made sure Barber got home safe in a limo after the shindig.

 Lisa Barber
Lisa Barber with her memories (credit: via People)

Barber couldn’t stop gushing about it. She even got some bling from him, earrings, and a gold necklace as souvenirs. She swore she’d never take them off! But here’s where it gets interesting: the songwriter borrows some of Barber’s costume jewelry during the date, and well, he kinda forgets to give it back.


Oops! Lisa’s not too upset, though. She told People,

”I’ll have lots of memories, but I know I’ll probably never see him again. He was a dream date, even if he didn’t give me back my pearls.” 

So, what does all this tell us about the star? Well, he was a gentleman, that’s for sure. He had this charisma that just drew people in, leaving them with stories to tell for years to come.

And as for Barber, she’ll never forget that wild night with the music icon. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Prince Ranked Among The Greatest And Most Impactful Singers Ever

Prince isn’t just a legendary singer; he’s an icon, one of the all-time greats. His music breaks boundaries, leaving a lasting mark on the industry and grabbing fans from all over the globe.

Late singer, Prince (credit: via Vanity Fair)

His tunes dance through different genres, keeping things fresh. When he passed in 2016, it hit the music world hard.

This American star wasn’t just a singer; he was a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. Known for his flamboyant style and killer vocal range, Prince, or Prince Rogers Nelson, was a force to be reckoned with. Born in Minneapolis in 1958, his musical journey started early, with him banging out his first song on his dad’s piano at just seven.


His music legacy is massive, with 39 albums under his belt, including classics like Purple Rain and Sign o’ the Times. Growing up in a musical family fueled his passion.

His first concert was with James Brown, and his dad got him his first guitar. By 19, he signed with Warner Bros., taking control and dropping his debut album, For You in 1978.

From funky tunes to pushing boundaries, his impact on music is unmatched. He’s more than a legend; he’s a music icon whose tunes will echo for years to come.


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