“He does it to everyone”: Sandra Bullock Exposed One Frustrating Habit of Ben Affleck That Can Drive His Co-stars Crazy

Sandra Bullock thrust the spotlight onto her colleague, Ben Affleck, unveiling a peculiar habit: his persistent lack of punctuality.

"He does it to everyone": Sandra Bullock Exposed One Frustrating Habit of Ben Affleck That Can Drive His Co-stars Crazy


  • Sandra Bullock exposed a notable flaw in Ben Affleck.
  • Sandra Bullock shed light on one of Ben Affleck's peculiar habit that is his persistent lack of punctuality.
  • Affleck shared his candid thoughts and occasional hassles when it comes to Sandra Bullock.
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In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where deadlines are sacred, punctuality is valued. Sandra Bullock, a talented actress, exposed a notable flaw in Ben Affleck: his regular tardiness. In Tinseltown, time matters. The 51-year-old constant delays annoyed the actors and crew, so Bullock shed light on his persistent problems with time management.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

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In the glitzy world of showbiz, where accuracy reigns supreme, the 59-year-old revelation spotlights a constant feature of Affleck’s professional persona that can disrupt the harmonious rhythm of film productions.


Sandra Bullock Sheds Light On The Frustrating Behavior Of Ben Affleck

Sandra Bullock
Bird Box star, Sandra Bullock

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In the dazzling land of Hollywood, the proverb time is money resonates more profoundly than ever. Precision reigns supreme, and the subject of punctuality is, without a doubt, a matter of utmost significance.

Previously, Sandra Bullock thrust the spotlight onto her colleague, Affleck, unveiling a peculiar habit that has set tongues wagging within the entertainment industry: his persistent lack of punctuality.


In a resurfaced interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bullock candidly listed some of her offenses while working alongside Affleck.

Foremost among these was his established tardiness, a trait she expressed with a mix of exasperation and understanding. She said,

“Ben can never show up anywhere on time. When he’s with you he gives you so much attention you feel like a queen, so when he says I’ll call you for dinner’ and you don’t hear from him, you feel like, What did I do wrong. Since he does it to everyone, you can’t take it personally.”

However, this inconsistency has left many wondering when plans may come to fruition.
This revelation has sparked discussions within the entertainment world, as the intricately choreographed schedules of film production hinge on efficiency.


However, it’s not just Bullock who has voiced concerns; Affleck has also shared some details about Bullock.

Ben Affleck Voiced His Concerns Regarding Sandra Bullock

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

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In the enigmatic world of Hollywood, where the enchantment of filmmaking often masks the intricacies that lie beneath the surface, the relationships between co-stars can be as riveting as the stories they enact.


The renowned star of Batman v. Superman has shed light upon his unique insights and occasional hassles when it comes to his co-star, the ever-talented Bullock.

In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, Affleck shared his candid thoughts. He admitted,

“She never tells me anything. I ask her questions about her life, and she’s like, My one male friend said this. No one has a name. I ask her, who are you going to dinner with? Just some friends, you don’t know them. And, of course, I do know them.”

He described how Bullock often responded to his inquiries about her life with mysterious vagueness, referring to her friends without revealing names. Yet, conversely, when she did speak, she left no room for silence.


Affleck’s frankness brings into sharp focus the human dimension of the entertainment industry.

It served as a reminder that, even in the world of Hollywood, where star power reigns, actors grapple with their own distinct set of challenges, forging unique bonds and navigating their captivating dynamics in the quest to bring cinematic dreams to life.


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