“He doesn’t intend to have another slip”: Ben Affleck is Doing Everything He Can to Make His Ex-wife Jennifer Garner Trust Him Again

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If someone was to lay down the story of Ben Affleck’s personal and married life in words, they would have to go through all the ups and downs, tragedies, and turmoils, which is enough to make most people truly sympathetic. with cases of abusive and enraged behavior, chronic physical ailments, and addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, which was also putting his recent marriage with Jennifer Lopez in jeopardy. To put it simply, his life has been a sh*t show these past couple of years.

Ben Affleck and his smoking addiction
Ben Affleck and his smoking addiction

But it seems like a ray of hope has made its way toward the couple, and that ray of hope comes from none other than his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. after his split from The Adam Project star back in 2015, it had been reported that Affleck was going through stuff in his life, where the addictions began. But what the Batman Vs Superman star wanted the most was his children’s love and affection, and the recent news confirms that he is ready to mend his ways for them.

Ben Affleck Wants To Win Jennifer Garner’s Trust Back

Ben Affleck and his family
Ben Affleck and his family

Ben Affleck had a smoking addiction since he and his ex-wife had been married for all those years until 2015. Due to his addictions to nicotine and alcohol, it was rumored that the reason for their split was blatantly simple. Yet, Affleck confirmed that the reason for the divorce was the fact that the marriage was just not working for him and Jennifer Garner. So, for the sake of their kids, they decided to end a decade-long relationship.


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But sometimes, it’s really hard for a person to change their addictive habits, and this was the case with Affleck as well. Even after his marriage with former fiancee Jennifer Lopez, it was rumored that he had returned to his old ways, which created a rift between them, putting their newly married life in danger. But recently, it seems like Affleck has decided to get back up and mend his ways for good this time, especially when he is been seen co-parenting his daughter Violet Affleck with his ex-wife and new wife.

Sources say that after the possession of his eldest daughter now in the hands of both Garner and Affleck, it seems like they are both getting along well with each other. Even Jennifer Lopez is told to be engaged with his kids and his kids love her in return. This has given the Armageddon actor a wake-up call, which has made up his mind to turn straight from his ways and change for the sake of his children and gain the trust back from his ex-wife. It was reported by sources that:


“The kids mean the world to Ben. He wants to be with them, so he doesn’t intend to have another slip. He’s committed to staying sober, and in time he knows Jen will learn to trust him again,”

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What Is Next For Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck training as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
Ben Affleck training as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

With his commitment to changing his ways, the first step that Affleck wants to take is to make his performances better in the movies. Earlier, we witnessed his body transformation from a dad-bod to a superhero physique in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now, it has been reported that he is all set to reprise his role as the masked vigilante in upcoming DC Films projects lead by new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, though extensive details are still behind a veil of mist.

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