“Not.Going.Anywhere”: 20 Years After a Painful Breakup, Ben Affleck Had a Hidden Message For Jennifer Lopez During Their Wedding

Ben Affleck Had a Hidden Message For Jennifer Lopez During Their Wedding
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Jennifer Lopez has been the talk of the town with her upcoming album and her extravagant marriage being in the highlight. Her newest album, This Is Me, holds great significance towards the singer’s relationship with Ben Affleck. So much so that one song is quite literally named after a message that means a lot to the both of them and was a reminder for her of their love.

Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Her new album is special to Lopez as it signifies her life with Affleck and her love for the actor. Their relationship has been a bumpy one, but the conclusion to this was a lovely one as they both tied the knot recently. This most definitely made both her and Affleck’s fans rejoice.

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Jennifer Lopez Made Her Album Even More Special With An Important Song Title

Jennifer Lopez recently revealed in an interview with Apple Music 1 that her latest album, This Is Me would mark her entire journey with her husband and how she felt when she met him to how she feels now, about twenty years later, and tied to him in matrimony. A song within the album titled Not. Going. Anywhere. has more significance towards their relationship than one would think.

Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck

This phrase happens to be something Ben Affleck wrote at the end of his emails to Lopez as a salutation when they had just met and started talking. He then added this saying to her diamond ring for their recent wedding, proving to her that he would indeed not be going anywhere and was there to love and support her throughout. Her first diamond ring was engraved with the word ‘sing’, and her second ring’s engraving made its way to the singer’s album. This was a sign from the actor that there was no need to rush and he was there to stay, or rather, that he would not be leaving her at all.

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Jennifer Lopez Talked About The Significance Of This Is Me

During the interview, the actor-singer further elaborated on how she was writing in her past much like she is writing now. Producing music that brought joy to both her and her listeners. So when she looked back at that time, twenty years prior when she just met Ben Affleck and how that was her then, she reflected to her current self.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

She proceeded to explain as to how both her past and her current self love the actor, how her back then and who she is now, are both dimilar and different at the same time.

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