“I was asked out to dinner by her agent”: Jennifer Lopez Used Harry Potter Fame Ralph Fiennes as ‘Fake Boyfriend’ to Distract Fans From Ben Affleck Affair, Made Him Look Like a Desperate Lover for Fame

Jennifer Lopez Used Harry Potter Fame Ralph Fiennes
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently tied the knot in July 2022. The duo had been in a relationship back in 2002 but they broke up in 2004. The reason for Jennifer Lopez breaking up with Affleck was stated to be excessive media attention.


In some shocking news, Ralph Fiennes claimed that during the early 2000s, Jennifer Lopez used him as a decoy for the media to get their claws on him and leave her and Ben Affleck alone!

Ralph Fiennes in The King's Man (2021).
Ralph Fiennes in The King’s Man (2021).

When Jennifer Lopez Made Ralph Fiennes A Decoy

During the era of the early 2000s when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had been dating, Ralph Fiennes and JLo shared the screen together for Maid in Manhattan. During the shooting of the movie, a photo of Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez went viral and Fiennes seemed desperate in the picture.

Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan (2002).
Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan (2002).

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Ralph Fiennes talked on the show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen wherein he revealed the masterful plan to make him a perfect decoy. It was very well known that Jennifer Lopez had a problem with the media interfering in her and Ben Affleck’s life and thus, she used a decoy. Sadly, the decoy turned out to be none other than the Harry Potter actor.

“I was set up. I was asked out to dinner with J. Lo and her manager and her agent. We had a nice dinner, chatty chatty chatty. Afterward, I think I was walking home, but we gave each other a peck on the cheek goodnight,” revealed Ralph Fiennes.

The Schindler’s List actor continued,


“However, as they we were saying our goodbyes, a paparazzi – just one – pops up just as we did it, the goodnight chaste kiss. But somehow, the pictures were angled so that as she’s walking away, it looks like I’m walking after her. And I think it said the next day in the New York Post, ‘It’s Ralph!’”

Although he was set up, The King’s Man actor has nothing but good wishes for the duo when he learned about Lopez and Affleck getting back together.

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Ralph Fiennes Excited For More Lord Voldemort

Ralph Fiennes is excited about Lord Voldemort's role.
Ralph Fiennes is excited about Lord Voldemort’s role.

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The actor is currently promoting the upcoming comedy-horror film The Menu which stars Ralph Fiennes along with Anya Taylor-Joy. During the red carpet event of the movie in New York City, a reporter asked Fiennes about his thoughts on reprising the role of Lord Voldemort. For the unversed, Ralph Fiennes has portrayed the role of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise. When asked about a potential return, here’s what he had to say,

“Sure, of course. No question about it.”. 

Not only this, but the return also depends on what J.K. Rowling wants for an additional role of Voldemort. There have been recent rumors that Harry Potter might see some more magic in the Wizarding World with the release of new content over the years. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the return of Fiennes in the Wizarding World would indeed be good.

Maid in Manhattan is available to stream on HBO Max.


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