‘I understand where she’s coming from’: Voldemort Actor Ralph Fiennes Defends Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling, Says Abuse Against Her is ‘Appalling’

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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been facing backlash ever since she supported a woman with a history of making transphobic comments via her tweets. The author has since become a widely controversial figure for sharing her transphobic thoughts on social media. Ralph Fiennes, the actor who played Voldemort in the Harry Potter film series now came in defense of the author saying that the abuse and death threats aimed at J.K. Rowling are disgusting and appalling.

Ralph Fiennes comic role
Ralph Fiennes

This is not the first time the Harry Potter actor has defended J.K. Rowling. Fiennes previously supported Rowling in 2021, when the controversy was heating up. The actor once again talked about the issue during his interview with The New York Times.

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Ralph Fiennes Says Verbal Abuse Aimed at J.K. Rowling is Disgusting And Appalling

In his interview with The New York Times, Ralph Fiennes talked about the Harry Potter author. Talking about Rowling, Fiennes said that she has written great books about empowerment and young children finding themselves as human beings. He said, “It’s about how you become a better, stronger, more morally centered human being.” 

He further said, “It’s just a woman saying, ‘I’m a woman and I feel I’m a woman and I want to be able to say that I’m a woman.’ And I understand where she’s coming from. Even though I’m not a woman.”

Ralph Fiennes with J.K. Rowling
Ralph Fiennes with J.K. Rowling

Ralph Fiennes also mentioned that the verbal abuse aimed at J.K. Rowling is disgusting and appealing. He also said that he can understand the viewpoint of those who are angry with Rowling’s thoughts about women but people should not react as they are doing.


Back in 2021, The Reader star supported the British author. Talking to The Telegraph he said, “I can’t understand the vitriol directed at her. I can understand the heat of an argument, but I find this age of accusation and the need to condemn irrational.”

He further said that he does not understand the level of hatred people express about views that differ from theirs. He also mentioned that the violence of language toward others is disturbing.

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J.K. Rowling Accused of Being Anti-trans and Harmful to the Trans Community

J.K. Rowling has become a controversial figure in recent years. The Ickabog author has received numerous death threats along with abuse following a streak of tweets against the trans community. After this, the author was accused of being anti-trans and harmful to the trans community.

The Lethal White author shared a tweet last November saying, “I’ve now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them, and I haven’t stopped speaking out.” 

J.K. Rowling at the premiere of Fanstastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald
J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has received immense criticism from LGBTQ organizations like GLAAD and The Trevor Project. Apart from this, a group of activists shared a photo of themselves standing in front of Rowling’s home with her address on display. Although the Scotland police made inquiries, no charges were made against anyone.


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During his interview with New York Times, Ralph Fiennes also shared that he was not so thrilled when he was first offered the role of Dark Wizard in Harry Potter. He said, “I was a bit sniffy, I think, initially.” Ralph Fiennes further said that he was not sure as he thought it was a children-fantasy thing.

Ralph Fiennes in The Menu
Ralph Fiennes in The Menu

Ralph Fiennes is currently starring in the American horror-comedy, The Menu. The Menu follows a young couple who visits an exclusive destination restaurant on a remote island. On the island, they meet a chef who has prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with some shocking surprises. Fiennes is playing the role of the chef in the movie.


The Menu is set to release on 18 November 2022.

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