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“He has chosen the Snyderverse timeline”: WB Chief David Zaslav Rumored To Have Changed The Flash Storyline To Restore the Snyderverse After Reports of Favoring Henry Cavill as Superman

In the aftermath of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, CEO and President David Zaslav had the future of a billion-dollar company at stake, and the subsequent restructuring to follow through. Accompanied by the looming mass pressure and outcries for the restoration of Zack Snyder’s Snyderverse and several relatively big-budget films on the threshold of production and launch, the CEO finds himself at a crossroads when considering whether or not a single DCEU timeline is worth declaring war for.

David Zaslav set to take WB in new direction
David Zaslav is set to take WB in a whole new direction

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However, the new head of Warner Bros. Discovery has found a solution to some of his problems by cutting out streaming service projects at the roots, declaring them unfit for public release due to quality purposes. Moving forward, the strategy adopted by Zaslav sets the tone for his brutal, bold, and direct take that awaits the future of the DC cinematic universe.

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David Zaslav’s Restructuring of the DC Extended Universe

In an exclusive piece with Variety, the WB Discovery’s frontman discusses the issues at hand and his plans for the visionary future of DC. For starters, David Zaslav has declared that fans need not fuss over DC’s systematic release of standalone movies anymore, since the franchise will now have an enmeshed storyline spanning a decade, in other words, “a 10-year plan focusing just on DC.” The blurry, giddy, euphoria of finally getting the dark and grim narrative of DC encapsulated within an endgame-like arc feels like having a taste of the best of both worlds.

HBO Max's Batgirl has been shelved indefinitely by Warner Bros.
HBO Max’s Batgirl has been shelved indefinitely by Warner Bros.

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However, that euphoria is briskly tampered down by the tragic axing of the Afro-Latina-led solo female superhero movie, Batgirl, on HBO Max. David Zaslav’s plans for the new and rebooted DC universe didn’t seem so happy-go-luck and revolutionary anymore if it came at the cost of disregarding diverse talents and canceling projects that lie on the margins of the franchise in favor of the bigger picture.

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Is Zaslav Keen on Bringing Back Snyderverse & Henry Cavill?

The question posed is one that has been the subject of endless debates. The three entities — David Zaslav, Zack Snyder, and Henry Cavill — have been playing Marco Polo intermittently with the fandom and either one is yet to catch up with the other two. Tireless discussions and excruciatingly long speculations later, Zaslav has not made any solid headway with the subject of restoring the Snyderverse or bringing back Henry Cavill’s Superman into the DCEU fold.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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However, considering Zaslav is adamant about moving forward with The Flash despite the numerous allegations and controversies surrounding its lead actor, there might be a reason behind all the unpopular decision-making on DC’s part. The Flash primarily revolves around Flashpoint and coupled with the narrative of what the Flashpoint paradox encapsulates and the added evidence of Flash’s ability to rewind time as witnessed during Snyder’s Justice League, it might be safe to say that the 2023 film will sufficiently explore the multiversal theories within the DCEU.

Snyderverse sets the precedent for Flashpoint paradox
Snyderverse sets the precedent for the Flashpoint paradox

Moreover, if that happens to be true and Flash does manage to alter the true timeline by disrupting its natural flow and expanding it into multiple ones, there might be a slim possibility that Snyderverse exists in one of those realities. This can set the precedent for Zaslav’s DCEU to bring back the Snyderverse along with Henry Cavill while simultaneously distancing themselves from the director’s acclaimed rendition of the Justice League.

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