“He has Jumanji 5 coming out”: One Hollywood Actor Makes Even Joe Rogan Feel Lazy and It’s Not Dwayne Johnson

One Hollywood Actor Makes Even Joe Rogan Feel Lazy and It's Not Dwayne Johnson
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Joe Rogan’s show on Spotify is fantastic in many ways, including the guests he brings on. On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the 55-year-old well-known comedian invites notable figures from many walks of life to discuss interesting topics with them.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Despite being a household figure in the entertainment business, Rogan dislikes the Hollywood elite. In many of his videos, he has even challenged how the industry runs. He and Dave Chappelle discussed the one actor in Hollywood who makes them feel unmotivated. Can you figure out who they are referring to?

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Kevin Hart Is One Of The Nicest Guys According To Joe Rogan

During a Joe Rogan Experience episode, Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan talked about Kevin Hart and how they perceive themselves as being too lazy in comparison to him.

They said,

He makes me feel lazy. He’s always co-producing some project and animating some movie and doing a voiceover of this and starring in that and doing a theater tour and he has Jumanji 5 coming out, he’s always got something happening.

Kevin Hart Academy Awards
Kevin Hart realized his priorities

Dave Chappelle said of him that Kevin Hart not only works hard, but “he’s relentlessly kind, and everyone that works with him looks elated and happy. He’s not a tyrant. He’s like hanging out with a self-help book or some sh**.”


He just makes you feel good … It’s impossible not to like him,” Chappelle added. “In my mind, he’s a great case scenario that a good person can do well in life, because there are some cynics who believe they can’t.

Kevin Hart is one of those people who became famous in Hollywood after starting from nothing. Hart, like UFC commentator Joe Rogan, performed in a number of stand-up comedy shows before breaking through to stardom in the film industry. Rogan thus referred to the 43-year-old comic in that manner.

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What Did Fitness Freak Joe Rogan Comment On Dwayne Johnson?

Currently, Dwayne Johnson is among the most popular entertainers in the industry. He achieved fame in Hollywood after a prosperous stint in the WWE. He also possesses one of the best physiques in the business.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

While receiving praise for his physique from all angles, it has also drawn criticism from some well-known individuals. In the aftermath of The Liver King debacle last year, former UFC commentator Joe Rogan also exposed Dwayne Johnson for steroid abuse.

Joe Rogan stated that the use of steroids contributed to the bulky physiques of all the WWE superstars, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker. This, according to Rogan, didn’t surprise him because he thought it was impossible for someone to be both that fit and “clean” at the same time. Rogan continued by challenging Dwayne Johnson to come forth and publicly admit to using steroids in a video.

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Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart: A Bond Beyond Laughter

Although they come from different fields of the industry, their shared love of comedy and their unwavering desire for success have brought them together. Despite the fact that comedy surely played a huge catalyst in their friendship, Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart’s friendship goes far beyond the stage.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Beyond the laughter they provide to millions of people, their relationship offers motivation and support in the unpredictable world of entertainment. Both Rogan and Hart are avid proponents of fitness and well-being. Both of them are ardent supporters of wellness and good health. Rogan, an ardent advocate of martial arts and health, regularly covers those subjects on his display. Hart, who is renowned for his dedication to physical training, has started a path in the direction of personal development and well-being. The fact that they both give utmost importance to living a healthy lifestyle has surely bolstered their relationship.

They inspire each other and those around them to just accept change and grow by being willing to challenge themselves and explore new fields.


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