“He has unfortunately gotten another job”: Stephen Amell’s Suits Spin-off Casting Has Pissed Off Many Fans After Arrow Star’s Past Comments Against Fellow Actors

Stephen Amell is set to star as Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor, in Suits spin-off, Suits L.A.

“He has unfortunately gotten another job”: Stephen Amell’s Suits Spin-off Casting Has Pissed Off Many Fans After Arrow Star’s Past Comments Against Fellow Actors


  • Stephen Amell is set to star in the new Suits spin-off titled Suits L.A. on NBC.
  • Many fans are not happy with the casting, especially after Amell made controversial comments during the SAG-AFTRA strikes.
  • While Amell apologized for the comments, fans are not yet ready to forgive the actor.
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Arrow star Stephen Amell is cast as the lead in the Suits spinoff show, titled Suits L.A.. The NBC drama has received a pilot order and the production is set to begin in March with Victoria Mahoney directing and executive producing the pilot. However, Amell’s casting has been an issue that generated widespread criticism, especially in the wake of his comments against the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Arrow star Stephen Amell is cast as lead in Suits L.A.
Arrow star Stephen Amell is cast as the lead in Suits L.A.

The New Girl actor later went back on his words and even picketed alongside his co-workers in the industry in front of the Warner Bros. Discovery offices in New York. However, many are not ready to forgive the actor as evident from their response to Amell’s casting news.

Stephen Amell’s Casting In Suits Spin-Off Angers Many Fans

Stephen Amell's Suits Spin-off casting is met with criticism from many fans
Stephen Amell’s Suits Spin-off casting is met with criticism from many fans

Stephen Amell will play Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor, who reinvents his career in Los Angeles in Suits L.A.. The new spinoff in the Suits universe comes from Aaron Korsh, creator and writer of the original series. According to Deadline, the logline of the series describes Amell as “a charismatic force of nature who puts his own needs above others.” Amell is famously known for his role as Oliver Queen on CW’s Arrow and as Jack Spade in Starz’s wrestling drama Heels.


Fans are not entirely on board with the idea of Amell leading the Suits spin-off. The Code 8 actor sparked controversy during the SAG-AFTRA strikes when he publicly criticized the strikes at a fan convention in North Carolina. He shared that he supported his Union but did “not support striking”. Amell shared (via Deadline):

“I support my union, I do, and I stand with them, but I do not support striking, I don’t. I think it is a reductive negotiating tactic, and I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating. And I think the thinking as it pertains to shows like the show that I’m on [Heels], that premiered last night, I think it’s myopic.”

He later clarified on his Instagram that he didn’t support striking but the Union had to do what they had to do (via THR). He apologized and shared that he was frustrated with his show Heels‘ fate. He also joined the picketing in New York. However, many fans seemed not satisfied with his apology and were angered when he was cast on the new show. Some shared their disappointment with the actor not facing any consequences, while others were just not happy to see him replace Gabriel Macht, who played Harvey Spector in Suits.



The comment about SAG-AFTRA strikes was only the actor’s latest in a line of controversial remarks and actions in the past. Stephen Amell took a break from social media following the backlash against a comment that allegedly trivialized the arrest of a student for bringing a digital clock to school in Irving, Texas (via CBR).


Stephen Amell’s Controversial Past May Be One Reason Many Fans Refuse To Forgive Him

Stephen Amell in Heels
Stephen Amell in Heels

Stephen Amell came under fire for allegedly issuing a mock apology when called out for allegedly disrespecting Black names by ignoring the acute accent in Beyoncé‘s name (via Twitter). During the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, Amell commented that racism was a systematic problem, but he had “not seen it in action.” Comic book writer Tee Franklin called him out and Amell responded with an apology comment that allegedly felt condescending to Franklin (via Us Weekly).

The Heartland actor made headlines when he was asked to leave a Delta Air Lines flight for allegedly yelling at his wife, Cassandra Jean. Appearing on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Amell revealed that he had been intoxicated while boarding the plane. He also addressed his tweet about the incident which called the whole thing “an argument”. Amell shared with Michael Rosenbaum:

“I referred to it as an argument between my wife and I. It was not an argument. This is 100 percent my fault. I feel like I went the better part of 10 years without being an a**hole in public. I was an a–hole in public. [Cassandra] was frankly even more pissed when I said ‘argument’ as opposed to ‘pick a fight.’”

Controversies apart, Stephen Amell’s Arrow character had a cult following among DC fans. Arrow is now available for streaming on Netflix, while Heels is available for rent on AppleTV+.


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