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“He hates me, doesn’t he?”: Ryan Reynolds Reveals Wesley Snipes Despised Him While Filming Blade 3, Avoided Deadpool Star For His Constant Joking

“He hates me, doesn’t he?”: Ryan Reynolds Reveals Wesley Snipes Despised Him While Filming Blade 3, Avoided Deadpool Star For His Constant Joking

Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sure, the Deadpool star is known for his successful career in the film industry and is admired by fans for being such a loving father and devoted husband. But you know what else sets him apart from a plethora of other celebrities? His humor. That guy really knows how to make people laugh.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

However, while the audience loves a good laugh, some of the actor’s co-stars, who often end up being the target of his jokes and pranks, don’t seem to be particularly thrilled about it all. And Wesley Snipes is one of them. While filming David S. Goyer’s Blade Trinity (2004), Ryan Reynolds made it a point to annoy his co-star on set with incessant jokes and comic remarks, something which the latter didn’t appreciate at all. And as a result, the Blade star really had his patience tested during the third movie.

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Ryan Reynolds Made it His Mission to “Break” Wesley Snipes During Blade 3

Ryan Reynolds has always been the comic relief guy who is extremely fluent in sarcasm. Even in his movies that are all about action and suspense, Reynolds will never miss the chance to deliver a good joke or two, which is exactly how it went down on the set of Blade 3. Actually, it was probably much worse, given how the Free Guy actor had made it his whole agenda to annoy Wesley Snipes during that time.

While talking about his role in Blade: Trinity in an old interview with IGN, the Canadian-American actor admitted to making it his “personal challenge to break” Snipes, his co-star and the actor who led the Blade film series.

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A still from Blade: Trinity (2004)
A still from Blade: Trinity (2004)

“You know what, what I found was, I just use every moment. There’s a moment in the movie where I look up at Jessica and I swear to God, I didn’t even know the cameras were rolling anymore and I say, ‘He hates me, doesn’t he?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah.'”

“I’m just saying this about my relationship as Ryan Reynolds to this guy, and it works. The ad-libs are just born of that. There’s another one where I do a dime store psychoanalysis of him where I say, ‘You ever thought about sitting down and talking with someone, getting in touch with your inner child, and also you might want to try blinking once in a while.’ He just looks at me like he’s gonna turn me into a*s pulp.”

Snipes soon came to dread working with Reynolds due to the latter’s relentless need to joke about any and everything, something which clearly didn’t sit well with the New Jack City star.

Wesley Snipes is A Tough Nut to Crack 

One would think after messing around so much, Reynolds would at least be able to get a smile from Snipes, but the latter didn’t so much as budge. Even after constantly prodding Snipes with sarcastic retorts and hilarious comments, the 6 Underground star was nowhere near successful in making his co-star laugh.

“I don’t know if I ever got him to laugh. The guy’s Blade. Hopefully, on the inside, he’s laughing kind of on the inside, I don’t know? It was a challenging process. I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

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Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes

For someone who’s able to make people around him break into grins almost effortlessly, not getting a laugh from someone he was deliberately trying to crack would certainly have been a little jarring for Reynolds. But who knows, maybe Snipes had just as much fun as Reynolds did and only didn’t want to show it.

The Blade film series can be streamed on Netflix.

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