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“He is gonna be insufferable now”: Marvel Star Paul Rudd Was Feeling Embarrassed While Shooting Ant-Man 3 After Being Crowned the Sexiest Man Alive

"He is gonna be insufferable now": Marvel Star Paul Rudd Was Feeling Embarrassed While Shooting Ant-Man 3 After Being Crowned the Sexiest Man Alive

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is proving to be quite divisive at the box office. But the film has had no impact on how the general audience views Paul Rudd. People and even the director of the film, Peyton Reed, still think of him as a goofy and funny guy. However, there was one instance on the sets of Ant-Man 3 when Reed thought that his lead actor was going to become insufferable after getting declared the sexiest man alive. So he retaliated with something that made the actor embarrassed.

Peyton Reed Pranked Paul Rudd For Being The Sexiest Man Alive

Paul Rudd and Peyton Reed
Paul Rudd and Peyton Reed

During the promo tour for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, the cast of the film was interviewed by IMDb. During the interview, director Peyton Reed shared a hilarious incident that happened after he was informed that Paul Rudd had been bestowed the title of the sexiest man alive in 2021 by People’s magazine. Reed thought that the actor was going to be insufferable, so he decided to prank him. The director put up speakers and announced to the crew that they were working with the sexiest man on the planet. Reed reminisced and said:

“I was like ‘oh god he’s going to be insufferable now.’ He hadn’t shown up on set yet so I had the sound department put a song on and I walked on to the mike and I said to the crew ‘you’ve been working with him for a while but you didn’t realize that he was the sexiest man alive.'”

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Peyton Reed
Peyton Reed

But it’s hard to embarrass a man as spontaneous and funny as Rudd. So the actor turned the embarrassing situation into a funny one. Reed said:

“And then he (Paul Rudd) got on the mike and talked about how great it was being as sexy as he is and also how he never worked with a sexier crew. He can just pick up on any sort of situation you know, he’s always funny.”

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Paul Rudd Felt Embarrassed Walking Onto Ant-Man 3 Set

Paul Rudd was crowned the sexiest man alive. Pic credits: People Magazine
Paul Rudd was crowned the sexiest man alive. Pic credits: People Magazine

Peyton Reed didn’t have to pull the elaborate prank on Rudd, because the 53-year-old actor was already feeling embarrassed to walk onto the set after learning that People’s magazine had crowned him the sexiest man alive. During the same IMDb interview, he said:

“When it was announced I didn’t say anything as I was embarrassed and was hoping that it would go kind of unnoticed.”

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But it didn’t go unnoticed because Reed was determined to make fun of the title. Here’s how the incident went from Rudd’s point of view:

“And I walked out on set and Peyton had set up speakers playing Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye over the entire sound stage and me made walk on to the scene with that playing. So that was pretty fun.”

It’s great that the cast of the movie had a good time filming because it isn’t getting the reception they would have hoped. However, irrespective of online debates and Rotten Tomatoes scores, the film has already grossed about $360 million according to Box office Mojo. However, its lifetime collection will certainly be interesting to see.

Source: IMDb 

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