“He is obviously f*cking juicing”: Dan Bilzerian is Concerned About Dwayne Johnson’s Health, Feels It’s Not Healthy to be as big as The Rock

Dan Bilzerian expressed concern for Dwayne Johnson's health issues.

"He is obviously f*cking juicing": Dan Bilzerian is Concerned About Dwayne Johnson's Health, Feels It's Not Healthy to be as big as The Rock


  • Dan Bilzerian shared his concern about Dwayne Johnson's training and diet.
  • Dan Bilzerian stated that he isn't impressed with Dwayne Johnson's physique, especially at the age of 51.
  • Dan Bilzerian implied that Dwayne Johnson is no longer the epitome of masculine fitness.

Most people idolize the way Dwayne Johnson trains and maintains his diet. Few fans even try to follow the actor’s grueling workout sessions and strict diet plans. But Dan Bilzerian is certainly not among those fans, for he believes that it’s unhealthy to live like Johnson. 

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Coming out publicly and sharing his frank opinion about Dwayne Johnson’s training and diet, Dan Bilzerian shared his concern about the actor. Arguing that it is “unhealthy” for Johnson in his 50s to carry a significant amount of muscle mass, Bilzerian seemed unimpressed with the actor’s health. 

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Dan Bilzerian is Not a Fan of Dwayne Johnson’s Diet 

Appearing on YouTuber Derek’s channel, More Plates More Dates, Dan Bilzerian discussed Dwayne Johnson’s jacked-up physique. While fans love to follow the actor’s diet and fitness plan, Bilzerian seemed to take issue with his lifestyle and training. Claiming how it is unhealthy, the 42-year-old social media influencer slammed Johanson. 

Fandomwire Video
Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian called Dwayne Johnson’s physique unhealthy | image: British GQ

Speaking with the host, Dan Bilzerian stated that he isn’t impressed with Dwayne Johnson‘s physique, especially at the age of 51. Believing that it’s not healthy to be consistently ripped, Bilzerian gave his unique and rather unfiltered take on the issues. Discussing with Derek, the 42-year-old implied that Johnson is no longer the epitome of masculine fitness. 

Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Bilzerian shared his unfiltered opinion on Johnson’s fitness and health

He does it with high fat too, which like is, because you know the insulin spike model right, so when you have that insulin spike and you have those high glycemic index carbs, you’re transporting that fat directly into your f*cking body to store. So it’s kinda like, you know for him, he’s obviously f*cking juicing.” 

Discussing the issues with Dwayne Johnson’s fitness plan, training, and diet, Dan Bilzerian along with the podcast host Derek went ahead to explain the issue in detail. 

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Dan Bilzerian is Concerned For Dwayne Johnson’s Health 

After discussing how Dwayne Johnson’s diet and fitness plan is unhealthy and destructive for his own body, Dan Bilzerian and Derek went ahead to explain the issue. Finding a red flag in Johnson’s massive physique, especially at the age of 51, Bilzerian opined that maintaining such a massive body is never good for longevity. 

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian explained the issue with Johnson’s physique | image: Forbes

I worry for that guy…I feel like he’s on track for a jammer, real soon. He’s like 270 shredded, year-round essentially, at like almost 50. I don’t know many tall bodybuilders who are that jacked who make it to 60.” Derek shared.

It’s unhealthy to sustain that level of mass. They show people are giants, like basketball players. It’s just not healthy to be that big.” Dan Bilzerian stated. 

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam
Bilzerian is concerned for Johnsons jacked-up, unhealthy physique at 51

Acknowledging the issue with Dwyane Johnson’s physique, Dan Bilzerian and the host went ahead with the podcast and carried on their remarks about not just his diet and fitness but also his career and life’s achievements. 

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