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“He just went and did it”: Matt Damon Let Best Friend Ben Affleck Take the Bullet by Refusing to Play Marvel Role in $179M Movie That Doomed His Career

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be ever-expanding. Not a month goes by without a new actor being consumed by the MCU. After decades of producing hit movies and television shows, the infamous studio is now teeming with a roster of award-winning actors.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

With a wide variety of tones, concepts, and characters, it has established a clear style. Almost every character is memorable and charismatic in their own way.

But after all this time, and hundreds of hours of content, it seems that not every Hollywood actor is keen on joining the MCU. Most of Marvel’s negotiations are characteristically shrouded in secrecy, but some have come to light in recent years, one of them being Matt Damon.

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Matt Damon Let Ben Affleck Take Daredevil

In the early 2000s, the studio had been working on a Daredevil stand-alone film. While looking for the right actor to play the titular part, the studio reached out to Matt Damon. For many, being asked to star as your favorite superhero is a childhood dream. But not for Matt Damon, who turned down the role of the Man Without Fear. The role was eventually taken up by his longtime friend Ben Affleck. 

Daredevil FandomWire
Ben Affleck as Daredevil

Damon claimed while he had been a huge Daredevil fan since he was younger, he didn’t exactly love the script and was unfamiliar with the director, Mark Steven Johnson. The Good Will Hunting actor admitted that he had to divorce all emotion from the role in order to reject it.

“Daredevil, that was our guy when we were growing up, that was our favorite superhero … I didn’t love the script and I didn’t know the director, he hadn’t really done anything. So, I just tried to divorce my emotion from [it]. Ben [Affleck] is more of an emotional guy, he was like, ‘Daredevil!’ He just went and did it.”

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Ben Affleck Thought Daredevil was “kinda silly”

Matt Damon told New York Daily News that despite the fact that Daredevil was a commercial success and grossed $179 million, he didn’t believe that his old friend was ultimately very proud of it. When Ben Affleck spoke about his experience playing the Man Without Fear, he seemed to share Damon’s sentiments.

Ben Affleck
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

While recalling his experience, the actor admitted that the most interesting part of the film was working with Tom Sullivan, a visually impaired performer. Affleck wanted the character to come across as more authentic, and it was very important for him to understand “what if felt like” to be visually impaired.

The 2003 film was considered a failure for a plethora of different reasons, but bad acting was not one of them. Fans furiously defended Affleck and declared that he delivered his best version of Matt Murdock.

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