“He represents honour”: Daniel Craig Believed His James Bond Was Better Than Any Superhero for a Wild Reason That Made His 007 Memorable 

"He represents honour": Daniel Craig Believed His James Bond Was Better Than Any Superhero for a Wild Reason That Made His 007 Memorable 
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Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond has achieved iconic status. Assuming the role in Casino Royale (2006), he injected a refreshing and gritty dimension into the character, revitalizing the entire franchise. His Bond persona exudes ruggedness, emotional depth, and a willingness to display vulnerability. 

Daniel Craig from a scene in James Bond
Daniel Craig from a scene in James Bond

Craig’s subsequent performances in films like Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015) further cemented his place as one of the most captivating Bonds in the series’ storied history. His unwavering dedication to executing challenging stunts and his on-screen chemistry with fellow actors have significantly contributed to the triumph of his Bond movies, solidifying his status as a cherished and unforgettable cinematic icon.

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Daniel Craig On What Made James Bond Memorable For Him

Daniel Craig, who asserts that he’s committed to starring in a total of three Bond films, though Eon Productions neither confirms nor denies this, has pondered the matter carefully.

Daniel Craig emphasized the significance, stating that in the current tumultuous world where distinguishing between heroes and villains is challenging, Bond’s enduring character is a beacon of clarity. According to the actor, Bond, as a timeless figure, embodies unwavering resolve, and takes action. In the present context, this steadfastness and commitment to honor are particularly refreshing.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Craig told Empire:


“What’s important, I think, is this. The world’s in a mess at the moment and we really don’t know who the good guys are and the bad guys are. Now, it’s not that he himself has relevance, but the character of Bond is as ancient as they come – it’s a character who’s unflinching, who knows who the bad guys are and goes after them. And I kind of think that’s refreshing at the moment. He represents honour.”

Regarding his role, while he maintains that nights of peaceful sleep outweighed the restless ones, Daniel Craig concedes that he approached the job with the utmost seriousness. He was resolute in ensuring that the role maintained its integrity and significance.

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Casino Royale Brought a Fresh Take On James Bond

Martin Campbell has orchestrated not one, but two James Bond films that breathed new life into the iconic character, commencing with GoldenEye and continuing with Casino Royale. While pinpointing the exact reason for Daniel Craig’s character’s superior reception remains elusive.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Campbell told Slashfilm:

“In the book, quick kills and put a bullet in his head, Bond is fine with that. If it’s an ugly kill, like the opening of Casino Royale when it’s an ugly fight when he’s in the bathroom and tries to drown him, it’s an ugly kill. That is something he finds difficult to handle. It was from the book.”

The movie series draws its inspiration from Ian Fleming’s book series centered around this character. Campbell disclosed his strategic decisions regarding what elements from the books he incorporated into the films to set this character apart more distinctly. In both the literary works and previous adaptations, James Bond is portrayed as a composed figure, rarely displaying strain or encountering challenges in his missions. However, Daniel Craig’s rendition introduced a significant departure from this, evident in the character’s brutally intense opening sequence, as described by the director.

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