“He was an Irish drunken bully”: Bill Murray Allegedly Threw Glass-Blown Ashtray at Oscar Winning Actor, Could’ve Potentially Killed Him

Bill Murray had a horrible spat with fellow actor Richard Dreyfuss on the sets of their film: What About Bob?

Bill Murray Allegedly Threw Glass-Blown Ashtray at Oscar Winning Actor, Could've Potentially Killed Him


  • Bill Murray got very drunk and misbehaved with fellow actor Richard Dreyfuss
  • He almost put the life of Oscar winning star Richard Dreyfuss in danger
  • Bill Murray had a terrible reputation of being a hard person to work with
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Actor-comedian Bill Murray is known for his remarkable work in several movies over his decades-long career. Apart from his on-screen performances, he has also had a reputation for being quite the troublemaker on the movie sets. And Richard Dreyfuss got a glimpse at that infamous side of the actor after he joined the cast of the 1991 film, What About Bob?

Bill Murray FandomWire
Bill Murray

Starring Murray in the lead role, the movie follows the relationship between a mentally unstable patient and his egotistical psychotherapist. The star cast of the movie once again got into conversation after the Jaws star revealed his conflict with his co-star during an interview.

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Richard Dreyfuss Recalled His Argument With Drunk Bill Murray

During a 2019 interview with Yahoo, Richard Dreyfuss looked back on his decades-long career as he shared some of the memorable behind-the-scenes moments. Talking about the incident that happened while working on the 1991 film What About Bob? the actor shared something he hadn’t talked about for years.

What About Bob?
What About Bob? (1991)

He shared that his co-star Bill Murray got drunk at dinner one night. When he came back, the Oscar-winning actor told him to read a script tweak that he found funny. However, he got an unexpected response from him as he put his face next to Dreyfuss and screamed, “Everyone hates you! You are tolerated!”

Richard Dreyfuss further said in the interview, “He was an Irish drunken bully,” as he shared that Murray did not stop after yelling at him. Before he could even react to what he heard, the American Graffiti actor was seeing a “glass-blown ashtray” coming towards him.

Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Dreyfuss

He threw it at my face from only a couple of feet away. And it weighed about three-quarters of a pound,” he shared. Luckily, he missed Dreyfuss as it would have had lethal consequences for both actors. After Murray’s failed attempt to hit him, The Goodbye Girl actor decided to leave.

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Bill Murray Has a Reputation of Being a Mean Actor

Richard Dreyfuss’ experience with Bill Murray adds to the several other claims made against the Ghostbusters actor that contribute to his reputation of being a mean actor. Others who have reportedly been in some sort of confrontation with the actor, include Lucy Liu, Chevy Chase, and Geena Davis.

Hollywood actor Bill Murray
Hollywood actor Bill Murray

About a year ago, he once again got into conversation due to his alleged misbehavior on the set of Being Mortal. Reports claimed that the actor paid an approximately $100,000 settlement to a much younger female crew member, who was “horrified” by his behavior and described it as “entirely sexual,” (as per Vanity Fair)

Murray has called it a difference of opinion during a CNBC interview, as he explained that he did something, believing that it was funny. However, it was not the same for the other party.

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