“He was constantly ribbing me”: Oppenheimer Star Breaks Silence on Feud With Harrison Ford After His Harsh Words for Indiana Jones Actor

“He was constantly ribbing me”: Oppenheimer Star Breaks Silence on Feud With Harrison Ford After His Harsh Words for Indiana Jones Actor
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Hollywood star John Hartnett will next be seen in the new season of the popular sci-fi series on Netflix, Black Mirror. The actor has been roped in to play a small but prominent role in the 6th season which is expected to release in June. With films like Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down, Hartnett has made a name for himself as a bankable action star as well.

Josh Hartnett
Hollywood star Josh Hartnett

The Virgin Suicides actor has also been in the middle of some controversies during his career as a Hollywood star. One of the headlines that made it to every tabloid was the celebrities alleged showdown with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Harrison Ford.



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Josh Hartnett And Harrison Ford Faced Off In Hollywood Homicide

In 2003, Hollywood stars Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford came together to star in Hollywood Homicide, an action comedy about two mismatched cops from different generations who are forced to work together. While audiences were treated to a fun action fest, the rumor mills were rife that not all was well between the two actors on the sets of the film. Hartnett firmly squashed these speculations stating that there was no truth to any of them.

Josh Hartnett
Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in Hollywood Suicides

He went on to add that while he got along extremely well with Harrison Ford, the two actors often clashed and disagreed on certain aspects of the script. This, therefore, was misinterpreted by the media as a rift between them which was far from the truth. Hartnett also confessed that their easy relationship led to both actors roasting each other in a friendly way.


It certainly wasn’t a set that was filled with tension. I think I did call him ‘the bane of my existence’ when we were on the press tour for that movie, but that was just because he was constantly ribbing me. And that’s just his way.”

The Pearl Harbor star addressed the dilemma that he faced with the media, where many reports of his behavior and actions were misinterpreted on multiple occasions forcing the actor to defend himself constantly.

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Josh Hartnett On What Attracted Him To Black Mirror

Josh Hartnett will be seen in a standout episode of the new season of Charlie Brooker’s nightmarish sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror which releases on Netflix in a week. In the episode, the star will play two versions of a character which includes a lonely astronaut in space and a sixties family man on Earth. Speaking on what attracted him to the series and Brooker’s satirical style of direction, the actor said,


I think if you’re going to give people a heavy dose of dystopia, you need some levity. Even if the darkness is front and centre in his shows, there’s always that element of ‘this is really funny”

Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett in Black Mirror

While Josh Hartnett confessed that he is yet to formally see his Black Mirror Episode, he was confident that Charles Brooker’s creativity and imagination will relate to audiences across the globe. The actor’s busy month continues with his presence in Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus Oppenheimer.

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