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“He was responsible for my career”: Marvel Star Dave Bautista Not Ashamed to Admit His Friend from WWE Gave Him a Career Before He Joined $25 Billion Worth MCU Franchise

"He was responsible for my career": Marvel Star Dave Bautista Not Ashamed to Admit His Friend from WWE Gave Him a Career Before He Joined $25 Billion Worth MCU Franchise

Dave Bautista probably wouldn’t have been where he is in life at the moment if it wouldn’t have been for wrestling icon and his close friend, Triple H. And the Glass Onion actor is nowhere near embarrassed to admit the same out loud. After all, credit should be given where credit is due.

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

In a recent interview with Comicbook, Bautista sang high praise of Triple H, appreciating not only his remarkable business tactics but also thanking him for being a guiding force all these years. In fact, he even claimed that the Chief Content Officer for WWE is the one “responsible” for his career taking off.

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Dave Bautista Claims Triple H Made Him Who He Is Today

Popular for portraying Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bautista, 54, is also a retired professional wrestler who had accumulated several great stints during his days of glory in WWE. But the professional wrestling company has undergone a plethora of changes since Bautista bid it farewell for good back in 2019, including Triple H’s promotion from COO to CCO. And the Guardians of the Galaxy star showered the 53-year-old business executive with unending praise for his top-notch creative and managerial outlook.

Bautista further attested to his friend’s shrewdness, priding over how Triple H is “the smartest guy” he’s ever come across in his life. He even went ahead to express his gratitude toward the latter for shaping him into the person that he is today.

Dave Bautista and Triple H
Dave Bautista and Triple H

“I think this is the best thing for the company. It really is. It’s a personal thing with me because I know Triple H. I know how well he knows this business. I know how much he loves this business. As far as this business goes, he’s the smartest guy I’ve ever met in my life. He made me who I was. He was responsible for my career. I’ve never been ashamed to say that.”

On his last birthday, Bautista shared an Instagram post, reminiscing about his WWE career and all that he left behind, wherein he also mentioned Triple H and called him his “mentor,” thanking him for all he’d done for him. The bond between the two is clearly that of brothers.

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Dave Bautista Sings High Praise of Triple H And His Work Ethic

Talking about Triple H’s unwavering dedication and his impeccable professionalism, the Dune star remarked how he thinks the former is the absolute best at what he does.

“I think that he is so dedicated to this product and just wants the best for it. I think he’s absolutely the right person. I’ve never met anyone else who thinks the way he does, as far as wrestling goes.”

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Dave Bautista aka Batista
Dave Bautista aka Batista

Dave Bautista’s last WWE gig was WrestleMania 35, after which he turned to the golden gates of Hollywood. And in only a few years he has dipped his toes in some of the most famous, big-studio films, including Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion, Blade Runner 2049, and a number of MCU films.

His most recent project is titled Knock at the Cabin, a horror/mystery film starring Bautista along with Rupert Grint and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film will hit cinemas on February 3, 2023.

Source: Comicbook

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