“He would have gotten such a kick”: James Gunn Pays His Tribute to ‘Comicstorian’ Ben Potter After YouTuber Tragically Passed Away at Just 40

James Gunn offers his condolences after Ben 'Comicstorian' Potter's death at the age of 40!

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  • Ben Potter, popularly known as Comicstorian, dies at the ripe age of 40.
  • His wife, Nathalie Potter, issued a statement following the death of the YouTuber, sharing the cause of his death.
  • James Gunn offered prayers to Ben Potter and his close ones.
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Ben Potter, popularly known by his YouTuber name, Comicstorian, was one of the major names that resonates well with young viewers on the platform. In the contemporary digital landscape of entertainment, Potter used to provide his viewers with his deep-rooted passion for everything Marvel and DC. On his YouTube channel, he would often provide insightful analysis as well as blend humor to make his content more engaging.

Ben Potter aka Comicstorian passed away at just 40
Ben ‘Comicstorian’ Potter. Credits: Comicstorian

Sadly, the fans of the YouTuber can not enjoy any more new content as Potter tragically passed away at the young age of 40. The world came together at the demise of the young creator, as they all mourned the woeful loss in the realm of storytelling.

While fans mourned Potter’s death, James Gunn paid his tribute to the storyteller, showcasing the creator’s greatness in the realm of superheroes and comic books.


How Did Ben ‘Comicstorian’ Potter Die?

The world was taken by storm when Nathalie Potter, the wife of Ben Potter, took to social media, sharing the heartbreaking news of her spouse’s demise “in an unfortunate accident.”

Nathalie Potter shared a statement on the demise of her husband.
A still from Ben Potter’s stream. Credits: Comicstorian

The news was shared on 10 June 2024 on Comicstorian/ Mangastorian’s official X account (@Comicstorian), where Nathalie Potter tweeted,

Two days ago, on June 8th, my husband, Ben Potter, passed away in an unfortunate accident.

While the details of the accident were not stated, she mentioned how he loved “voicing stories from across multiple different mediums” and was one of the most supportive individuals one could ask for. While she needed time to grieve the passing of her dear husband, she felt that it was right to share the news with his fans.

Fans mourn the loss of Ben Potter
Ben Potter in his last YouTube video. Credits: Comicstorian

She further added that his YouTube channel was one of his “greatest accomplishments,” which has 3 million subscribers, with over 1 billion views and 3936 videos that marked his greatness as a creator.

However, it was not merely his love for comic books and gaming that brought him closer to his viewers, but he would often engage in lively discussions with other YouTubers in interactive live streams. He would often share his unsolicited opinions, which made his viewers trust him.

While fans were mourning his loss on social media, the co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn offered his prayers to the deceased, making Potter’s fans talk about his humble gesture.


James Gunn Pays Tribute to Ben ‘Comicstorian’ Potter

Indeed, the news of Potter’s premature death had sent shockwaves to the comic book community, as they used to enthusiastically consume his content. The creator’s untimely passing feels personal, and it feels like a significant chapter in our life has been abruptly sealed.

James Gunn offered prayers to Ben Potter aka Comicstorian
James Gunn. Credits: Anthony Quintano/ Wikimedia Commons

Recently, a fan (d.parry01) on Threads asked James Gunn if he had heard about the news of Potter taking his last breath. The co-CEO replied, “I just did. I’m so sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to his family and friends. <3”

The comments made the fans happy because, in this tragic period, they remembered how Comicstorian would have been jumping with joy to see that James Gunn had talked about him. The fans recollected on X how Potter had an unreal influence on the comic book industry.




Nevertheless, the loss of the creator has scarred his viewers because his demise means the silencing of a passionate voice that advocated the magic of comic books, with an unfillable gap, leaving a lasting emptiness in our hearts.

Gone too soon, RIP Comicstorian.


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