“Hearts going 120 mph”: Tom Cruise Fell Victim To Royal Beauty, Can’t Keep His Eyes Off Of Kate Middleton

"Hearts going 120 mph": Tom Cruise Fell Victim To Royal Beauty, Can't Keep His Eyes Off Of Kate Middleton

Not many people know about actor Tom Cruise’s obsession with the British royal family. The actor and late Queen Elizabeth shared a bond during her final days. In 2022, he visited the Windsor Palace and had tea with her.

The actor is also friends with Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Several media outlets speculated that Cruise’s admiration for Middleton doesn’t end at just friendship. In 2022, the two attended a special charity screening of Cruise’s blockbuster hit Top Gun: Maverick. A video from the event went viral on social media in which Cruise held her hand as the two went up the stairs.

Tom Cruise couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise
Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise

A video went viral in 2022 in which actor Tom Cruise can be seen admiring Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The video was captured in May 2022 when the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton attended a special charity screening of Tom Cruise’s blockbuster hit Top Gun: Maverick. In the video, Cruise held her hand in order to help her climb the stairs.

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Was Kate Middleton avoiding Tom Cruise?

Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise
Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise

There were speculations that Kate Middleton got uncomfortable after that as she switched her handbag into the hand Cruise held. May sources claimed that it could have been an attempt to prevent him from doing the same thing again. Many jokes were later circulating on social media. One user wrote,

“He’s having flashbacks of a Katie [Holmes] who’s tall brunette and beautiful. Hearts going 120 mph.”

The actor was married to actress Katie Holmes between 2006-2012. Cruise and Middleton also met in July 2022 at the Wimbledon tennis championship. Even at that event, Tom Cruise was quite excited to see Kate Middleton.

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Tom Cruise has met the members of the British royal family in the past

Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise
Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise

This wasn’t Tom Cruise’s first interaction with a member of the British family. Cruise met Princess Diana at a charity premiere of the movie Far and Away in 1992. Cruise and his then-wife, Nicole Kidman, were also invited to Princess Diana’s funeral in September 1997.

In May 2022, Tom Cruise also attended the Platinum Jubilee to celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary on the throne. Unfortunately, he had to leave the event early due to some issues. When the Queen found out that he left, she was “disappointed” but later invited the actor to have tea with her at Windsor Palace. The actor “was even allowed to fly in by helicopter” and land it himself on the lawns of Windsor.

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