“Hell no”: House of the Dragon Star Matt Smith Replacing Adam Driver as MCU’s New Reed Richards in Fantastic Four Rumor Breaks the Internet

"Hell no": House of the Dragon Star Matt Smith Replacing Adam Driver as MCU's New Reed Richards in Fantastic Four Rumor Breaks the Internet

The illusion of truth is based on how one repeats something often enough to turn it into reality. Well, the best example of the illusion happened with MCU’s Fantastic Four casting. While it was initially rumored Adam Driver would be cast as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four, fan theories started speculations of Matt Smith replacing the actor. 

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Adam Driver
Matt Smith and Adam Driver

Shattering the internet, the Fantastic Four casting rumor started a war on Twitter. While a handful of people voted for Matt Smith, the majority simply wished for Adam Driver to be the official cast in the MCU movie. Petrified of the rumor turning into a reality, fans have already started downvoting the Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor actor. 


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Adam Driver Has Been Cast As Reed Richards In Fantastic Four 

After Marvel Studios ventured into new phases, casting rumors began flooding the internet. Among such MCU rumors, certain reports suggested how Marvel Studios offered Adam Driver, the role of Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. The rumors began taking shape after Jeff Sneider spoke about it during The Hot Mic Podcast. 

Adam Driver
MCU reportedly chose Driver as Reed Richards

According to Sneider, Adam Driver was being eyed to play MCU’s Reed Richards in a Fantastic Four film. Previously appearing as villain Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Driver was also sought for the role of Doctor Doom. However, since his Star Wars villainous role was similar to that of Doctor Doom, MCU reportedly chose him to play Reed Richards. 

Adam Driver
Driver locked his role in the Fantastic Four reboot

While Marvel Studios insiders reportedly confirmed Adam Driver’s appearance as Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot, fans are still wondering if things might suddenly change. Especially after the rumor of Matt Smith replacing Driver began spreading like wildfire, netizens have grown to worry more than ever. 


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Fans Wage War Over Matt Smith Replacing Adam Driver Rumor 

Even though insiders reportedly confirmed Adam Driver’s appearance in MCU’s reboot, fans still appear petrified of sudden changes, due to lack of official validation. Following the rumor and Twitter post of Matt Smith replacing the Oscar-winning actor, fans started going frenzy and waging war on social media platforms. 

Matt Smith
New rumors suggested Matt Smith as Reed Richards

While a handful of netizens wish to see Matt Smith as Reed Richards, after his appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, most people simply downvoted the rumored replacement. Willing to see no one but Driver in the infamous role, fans have started slamming the rumor and presenting their opinions on the speculated change. 

Although fans seem scared based on the House of the Dragon actor’s appearance rumor, despite an insider’s reported confirmation; it has been established that people would like to see Driver over Smith. 


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