Helldivers 2 Fans Are Imploring Arrowhead Studios to Leave One Feature Completely Alone

Flew off the radar due to an explosion? That's part of the experience.

Helldivers 2 Fans are Imploring Arrowhead Studios to Leave One Feature Completely Alone


  • A fellow Helldivers 2 player shares hilarious gameplay footage showcasing how an explosion can create some unexpected moments.
  • The game's engine aligns the in-game havoc with player strategy and then goes on to create extraordinary moments of fun and co-op chaos.
  • Every match in the game feels like a unique experience, thanks to the game's incredible physics engine.
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With gritty combat, an absolutely chaotic vibe, and insane co-op possibilities, Helldivers 2 dives deep into what makes a multiplayer game so much fun. The game’s success has garnered the attention of many players, and the online community has been sharing its experiences through entertaining gameplay footage.


One such video showcases the game’s impressive physics engine and how it can make for some incredible moments. It’s truly worthy of a laugh and a nod to the studio’s hard work at keeping the game’s chaotic environments so lively.

Helldivers 2’s Physics Engine Makes Everything More Fun

Unexpected twists and turns are just part of the game's physics engine.
Unexpected twists and turns are just part of the game’s physics engine.

In a clip shared by shrimp_rider on Twitter, viewers can spot exactly why some spontaneous moments in Helldivers 2 are so much fun. The video was originally posted by user okbuddyfellas on TikTok, giving a glimpse into the harsh outcomes of not being careful about explosions in the game.


You see, friendly fire is a complicated thing in the game, and if you’re not careful, your buddy’s well-placed explosive might just blast you off the radar. Worse, if you happen to be in a zone originally planned for an orbital laser, good luck maintaining your sanity.

Moments like this are only possible due to Helldivers 2’s gameplay and physics engine, thanks to a modified version of the Autodesk Stingray engine. It’s an unusual choice, considering how most games today tend to rely on Unreal Engine 5. However, players are keen on ensuring that the developers never change this. And for good reason!

Is There a Chance Things Like This Will Ever Change?

Thanks to the game's engine, co-op moments can be truly hilarious.
Thanks to the game’s engine, co-op moments can be truly hilarious.

Based on speculation and the fact that developers are still working on minor tweaks, it’s unlikely that the game’s core mechanics or gameplay loops will change. After all, Arrowhead Studios has a focus on keeping the servers thriving rather than fixing something that’s not broken. At its foundation, the game does everything a live-service game should do. And it does it right.


Helldivers 2’s insane physics engine not only adds to the game’s fun and enjoyment, it also helps the world-building find a strong footing. More often than not, the game can feel highly strategic and realistic when a team chooses not to goof around and focuses on survivability.

That being said, unexpected moments of watching your friends explode and fly off to space may seem unintentional, but they are always welcome. Those moments of ‘weeeeeeeee!’ aren’t going to happen if the game’s engine is too serious about itself.

Do you think the game needs any kind of change? Or is Helldivers 2 great as it is? Let us know in the comments below.


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