Helldivers 2’s Eye to Detail is a Potential Death in Waiting After New Patch Changes 1 Key Weapon’s Output

Arrowhead went above and beyond with the new update.

Helldivers 2 Punisher Plasma Weapon


  • Some players are not thrilled with the new update for Helldivers 2 with the latest patch.
  • Arrowhead Game Studios wants to teach the players trigger discipline and one key change is part of it.
  • Helldivers 2 developers are adamant about delivering a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.
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Helldivers 2 is one of the best surprises for gaming this year and Arrowhead Game Studios is doing everything it can to make it even better for the players. The gaming community is impressed by the combat and the great attention of the developers.


Developers commonly overlook weapon effects, but Arrowhead Studios remembers and has put a lot of effort into making it feel authentic. Players have experimented with how items will react if they have other items equipped and the results are equally impressive and hilarious.

Helldivers 2 Developers Placed a Lot of Attention to Detail

The Helldivers 2 community is full of curious souls and rocket scientists.
The Helldivers 2 community is full of curious souls and rocket scientists.

Despite running on an antiquated engine, the developers are doing everything they possibly can to make the gaming experience much more entertaining. Arrowhead rolled out a new patch that would kill players if they equipped a shield backpack and fired a punisher plasma.


It is advisable not to do this but the developers’ great eye for detail is also worth noting. Players will now have to think twice before unloading a deadly weapon on the offensive while having an item that prioritizes their safety which could ultimately lead to their demise.

It is not the best way to lose a game by dying at your hands but it will be a funny moment that the squad will remember and certainly way worse than being shot from behind by teammates. This will encourage players to be more cautious and mindful of their surroundings before letting them lose and reduce the chances of self-inflicted casualties.


Arrowhead Studios’ Patch Is a Death Sentence for Helldivers 2 Players

Helldivers 2 players should fear their trigger fingers more than friendly fire from allies.
Helldivers 2 players should fear their trigger fingers more than friendly fire from allies.

Arrowhead Game Studios recently rolled out a patch that nerfed several fan-favorite firearms, adjusted the difficulty, and added some improvements to gameplay. These changes have done more harm than good and are a major roadblock for the war effort.

Perhaps the developers included these changes to encourage players to try some alternative maneuvers like blind fire or firing from the hip while on the move. Players are gonna have to be more disciplined and it seems like Arrowhead Game Studios will be making even more changes in the hopes of delivering a somewhat realistic look and feel of intergalactic warfare.

The majority of players who suffered from these changes are probably those who refuse to take accountability for their actions in the field and are now feeling the impact. Patches like these can make or break the image of a game, there will be players who are open and more welcoming to these changes while there are some who are bound to be upset because it affects the way they play.


It is all part of a grander plan to teach players to be more disciplined and adapt to change. Arrowhead has a vested interest in prolonging the longevity of the live service game and also delivering a realistic gaming experience with the themes of war. These changes may hamper the war effort but it is all relative to the core of Helldivers 2.

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