Helldivers 2 Fan’s Eagle Stratagem Concept Sounds Like Something Straight Out of Oppenheimer

Can you imagine the chaos if this were to be implemented?

Helldivers 2 and Oppenheimer


  • Ex-CEO Johan Pilestedt encourages fans to share their creative ideas for new Eagle Stratagems.
  • One X/Twitter user suggests powerful but balanced ideas like the 'Air Superiority Patrol' and 'Fuel Air Bomb.'
  • Even in their ideas, fans are mindful of maintaining game balance while introducing exciting new features.
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Helldivers 2 fans are some of the most passionate when it comes to their game. And, with how Arrowhead staff are always eager to hear ideas from fans, you bet that they’ll come up with the whackiest concepts that somehow still fit the vibe of the game.


Look at some of the responses Arrowhead’s ex-CEO (now CCO) Johan Pilestedt got after asking fans for their ideas for a new Eagle Stratagem. One user in particular had an idea that would give Oppenheimer a run for its money.

You’re Not Ready for This Helldivers 2 Fan’s Stratagem Idea

Your ideas could be implemented in Helldivers 2
Your ideas could be implemented in Helldivers 2

We all know by now how much Pilestedt values the Helldivers community and their opinions. He has always been listening to people on social media, actively replying to their jokes, statements, and genuine feedback, even when it’s not about the game.


Considering the Helldivers 2 boss demoted himself from CEO to CCO, it just goes to show how serious Pilestedt is in making Helldivers 2 better for his players. Along those lines, he recently posted on X/Twitter, asking the community for their “best eagle stratagem ideas!

Of course, when an opportunity arises to make a game you love even better, you can’t resist. And so, the post got over 3,000 replies. One of these deserves a highlight, however.


X/Twitter user MrAntiHero1 has multiple bombastic ideas. The ‘Air Superiority Patrol’ (ASP) would be used to knock down gunships or shriekers in a radius. Then, you’ve got the ‘Air Delivered Minefield’ that would get placed in a rectangular line rather than a circle.

Plus, there’s the ‘Fuel Air Bomb’ which would do big damage to units in a large radius, but to not be too overpowered, it wouldn’t work as well against heavy armor and structures. Finally, there’s the ‘Eagle 1 Loitering Gunship,’ similar to an AC130.

Fans Can’t Forget About Balancing When Suggesting Ideas

It's no fun if spreading managed democracy is too easy
It’s no fun if spreading managed democracy is too easy

As cool as it would be to have an Eagle Stratagem that could obliterate everything in a single button, fans of Helldivers 2 accounted for power balance, a long-standing issue when throwing their ideas out there. But, of course, you can’t forget the cool factor either.


The OP had some great ideas on how the ASP Stratagem could be implemented in a way that not only looks cool and fits the game’s vibe, but also isn’t too overpowered.

They had three choices for how the ASP could be implemented.


The first was for it to be called and destroy everything in a fixed radius. The second was to land in a circle around where the beacon to call it was thrown for some time.

Lastly, the range could be a radius around the Helldiver that called it, and it follows the player wherever they go, so long as it’s active.

OP had more ideas to share that are worth a read if you’re interested. However, if you’ve got any ideas for Helldivers 2, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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