Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Shows Off a Little Bit of a Much-Requested Feature

The Prodigal Son has returned and it is glorious.

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  • A fan-made Cape design seems to be making its way into Helldivers 2.
  • Among all the chaos of bugs and automatons, a new cape to remember a tragedy is a good change of pace.
  • We can only hope the players suffering from a lack of access to Helldivers 2 will get to claim the unique cape.
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Recently, Helldivers 2 has had a lot of ups and downs, as it took a major hit from a recent announcement, causing players in 177 countries (now 180) to lose access to their game. However, this situation led to one of the biggest works of collaboration the gaming community has seen.


The situation in question was related to Sony forcing players to link their PC accounts to a PSN account, something that many gamers can’t physically do. After the changes made by Arrowhead and Sony were retracted, a fan designed a cape to commemorate the situation. Now, thanks to Johan Pilestedt, we know it may be real and coming soon.

Any Helldiver Can Wear a Cape, but a True Helldiver Earns It

Helldivers 2 will be bringing in a fan-made cap design.
Helldivers 2 will be bringing in a fan-made cap design.

Not long after the PSN account linking policy was overturned, one Helldiver took it upon themselves to design a cape to remember the situation in all its glory. The cape in question was titled “The Prodigal Son,” and it shows the review bombing in the best way as it displays how drastically the game was negatively reviewed.


Now it seems that Arrowhead Game Studios has taken notice of this player and his design, as Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, has released a tweet teasing the design in Helldivers 2 as an official cape for players to acquire.

Unfortunately, it is only a small tease, as the image is only a partial view, revealing a small section at the bottom of the cap. But even with the small section we can see, it is very clear that this cape is “The Prodigal Son” and will hopefully be making its way onto the game sometime soon.


The fact that this cape is even being brought into the game is an amazing feat, as it clearly caught the attention of the development team for Helldivers 2.

We Hope This Cape Doesn’t Get Released Till the Whole Helldivers 2 Community Can Join the Fight Again

Arrowhead Game Studios should wait to release The Prodigal Son cape.
Arrowhead Game Studios should wait to release The Prodigal Son cape.

One of the main issues with this cape being teased is the fact that it shouldn’t be released until the players who were affected by the policy change are finally allowed back into the game if and when Arrowhead Game Studios manages to fix the issue.

At the moment, Johan Pilestedt has mentioned in the comments section in response to different users regarding the current state of the situation, explaining that they are “still working on it.” but sadly, there is no information as to when this could change.


Hopefully, if the cape is released before this issue is rectified, players who are unable to acquire it due to the current issue can acquire it at a later date, either by a free code or some form of in-game item that can be redeemed.

What do you think about this fan-designed cape making its way onto Helldivers 2? Do you want to see more custom designs in the future? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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