Reverse Helldivers 2 Phenomenon: Hi-Fi Rush Gamers Worldwide Unite to Do One Thing to Undo Microsoft’s Decision of Shutting Down Tango

Fans seem to have not given up yet on studios shut down by Microsoft.

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  • The gaming community now knows how they can pressure a studio by review bombing their game on vendor platforms.
  • This has worked for Sony in the past, and now fans are trying the same to pressure Microsoft into bringing back the studios shut down by them.
  • As a result of this, Hi-Fi Rush is being bombarded with positive reviews from all around the globe.
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After making Sony back off from a major decision regarding Helldivers 2, the gaming community now finally knows about the power it holds when they decide to come together for once. While many would have thought the need to do the same would not be arising any time soon, it seems Microsoft has forced the hands of gamers, with players having a more positive way to protest this time around.

A Still from Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 players celebrate the end of their battle with some creative compositions

Ever since the company announced how they had pulled the shutter on four beloved game studios, including Tango Gameworks, players have been barraging the Steam Storefront of the games made by them with reviews, in a fairly different manner than before.

Helldivers 2 All Over Again – Why Are Fans Reverse Review-Bombing Hi-Fi Rush On Steam?

As some would like to call the effort “Review-Hyping“, for the first time in the gaming industry fans have been putting in a massive amount of positive reviews for a game like Hi-Fi Rush on its Steam Storefront in hopes of convincing Microsoft to take back their decision of shutting down the previously discussed game studios.


Review-Hyping takes inspiration from none other than the players of Helldivers 2. For those who have been in a bubble for the last few weeks, Sony, the publishing studio for the game had announced how there was soon going to be a mandate requiring PC players to link with a PSN account if they wished to continue playing. This decision was taken back soon after players managed to tank the reviews of the game.

Cover for Hi-FI Rush
Xbox has decided to shut down Tango Gameworks, the creators of Hi-Fi Rush.

Additionally, what fans have been infuriated by more is how Microsoft has implied that it needs more titles like Hi-Fi Rush to bring in more “Prestige and awards“, just a day after shuttering the studio responsible for developing the game in the first place.


Microsoft Asks For More Titles Like Hi-Fi Rush – A Step Taken In The Wrong Direction?

There is no argument when it comes to believing how it was revealed at the most unfortunate time that the company is shutting down several game studios after recently acquiring them. While most of the anger originates from the already disturbed state of the gaming industry, calling for more games similar to the ones they just got rid of has rubbed off badly with many gamers (as noted by The Verge), backfiring even more than before.

Tango Gameworks
Tango Gameworks

Finally, what might be the last straw for many gamers is if the company decides to increase the prices of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. While it remains a rumor for now, it can soon come true if Call of Duty is added to the pool of games offered in the subscription.

Hi-Fi Rush is available to play on Steam.

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