PlayStations Fans are Laughing at Xbox: Rumored Game Pass Price Hike after Call of Duty Addition Leaves Gamers Fuming as Microsoft Plans More PS5 Releases

Xbox players can't seem to catch a break as more bad news is right around the corner.

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  • Microsoft has been under fire from fans for shutting down 4 developing studios.
  • Fans have speculated how Call of Duty might be soon making its way to the Xbox Game Pass.
  • There is also a speculation how the company is thinking to increase the prizes of the said subscription.
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It goes without saying how it already has been a disappointing week for gamers, especially for those who are team Xbox. This is because Microsoft has shut down a few beloved gaming studios after acquiring them recently, including the likes of Tango Gameworks. Unfortunately, there seems to be more coming soon as recent rumors bring news nobody would want to hear right now.

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Microsoft has been under fire from players recently

Not only was it confirmed earlier that 4 Xbox titles will soon be shipped to other platforms, but the rumors also reveal how these will not be the final games that players will have to say goodbye to when it comes down to exclusivity. Additionally, if the speculation is true, then game pass users might soon be in trouble as the studio debates whether to increase the prices or let them stay the same.

A Sudden Win For PlayStation Users? Microsoft To Soon Bring Huge Changes To The Xbox Ecosystem

As made note of by The Verge, the running rumors about what’s going on inside the Xbox decision-making department are not good news for the fans of the console. Likewise, what has managed to catch everybody’s attention is the fact that Call of Duty might be soon made available to Xbox Game Pass, essentially cutting out a major income stream for Activision-Blizzard.


However, while it remains uncertain if Call of Duty on the Game Pass will ever see the light of day, it lines up with the studio considering increasing the prices of the said subscription at the same time, which without a doubt will infuriate a lot of players if implemented anytime soon.

A still from Call of Duty
Call of Duty might be making its way to Xbox Game Pass

Furthermore, it also remains highly likely that the company is looking forward to releasing more first-party titles to the likes of PlayStation and Nintendo, essentially putting in the effort to end the console wars once and for all, but with unforeseen consequences.


Why Microsoft Is Walking On Eggshells Right Now

Shutting down four-game developing studios is no small deal, and as expected, has left fans with mixed emotions on how to feel about the whole ordeal. The release of more Xbox exclusives is sure to weaken the already breaking connection between the company and its player base, which can prove to be fatal if the way is not trodden carefully.

A still from Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is one of Xbox’s first-party games made available on PS5

There is a lot to unfold in the coming future, and the release of first-party games on other platforms combined with increasing game pass prices leaves fans with no option but to give up what was left of their little remaining loyalty and switch, before it gets worse.

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