Orbital Review Bomb: Helldivers 2 Review-bombing Campaign Was So Successful Fans Are Calling it a Stratagem

Fans believe a real life strategem is how they won the war against Sony.

Helldivers 2 Game


  • Players of Helldivers 2 were in a struggle against Sony in the past week as the studio tried to impose a PSN account linking Mandate.
  • However, the studio soon backed off after players started review bombing the game on Steam.
  • The CEO of Arrowhead Games has announced how the team is working on introducing a cape to commemorate the win.
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The Helldivers 2 community over the past week has shown what the players are capable of achieving if they come together and decide to appeal against something they don’t like. Making a giant studio like Sony back off from one of their decisions is no small deal, and to commemorate the same, every gamer has been celebrating ever since, with some even calling the negative review bombing a Stratagem.

A still from Helldivers 2
Sony tried to introduce a PSN account linking mandate

While it is an unconventional method, it was the review bombing that ultimately helped the players achieve the outcome they wanted. The damage control for all the images ruined for the game is also in the works already, as players return to Steam to change their ratings and bring back the game back on track.

Helldivers 2 Player Compares Review Bombing With A Stratagem

A still from Helldivers 2
Review bombing helped players in making Sony back off from their decision

A little help is what the player needs at times when they are overwhelmed by the Terminids of the Automatons in the game, which is when Stratagems come in handy. These are extra war materials such as an exoskeleton Mecha suit or an Orbital Strike delivered from the player’s Super Destroyer when called upon.



However, after the recent win against Sony, players have now started terming the strategy of tanking a game’s review as a real-life stratagem, helping them accomplish something that should’ve been impossible to achieve in the first place. A user on Reddit even made the effort of designing a patch that relates to the current context, calling the real-life strategy the “Orbital Review Bomb“, taking after an in-game stratagem.

Additionally, it is not only the players who are celebrating this huge win against the studio, as Arrowhead Studios, the one responsible for developing the game had no say in the matter, and essentially had to watch their hard work slip away like grains of sand when the controversy first began.


CEO Of Arrowhead Studios Announces Celebratory In-Game Item For Helldivers 2 Players

A still from Helldivers 2
The CEO of Arrowhead Studios has revealed how the team is working on a new cape


Throughout the whole war between the players and Sony, it was made clear by developers over at the developing studio of Helldivers 2 how much of a role they actually held while the decision to mandate the PSN linking was made.

One of the most active voices during the time was the CEO, Johan Pilestedt, who has announced recently how the team is looking forward to commemorating the victory of players, revealing how they have been working on adding a cape designed by a community member.

The cape shall be made available to the players soon, and should essentially be free to redeem. Alternatively, the game can also introduce it as a part of Warbonds in the game, making it fairly easy to obtain by those who want it.



Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.


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