1 New Stratagem Could Make Helldivers 2 Less Star Wars and More Vietnam War with Simple Addition – Imagine This on Malevelon Creek!

The Helldivers 2 community is pulling through once again with a creative stratagem suggestion.

Helldivers 2


  • The gaming community isn't done sharing ideas and suggestions for Helldivers 2 yet.
  • Arrowhead Game Studios is recovering from the recent backlash and controversies.
  • Director Johan Pilestedt appreciates the community for doing their part to save Helldivers 2.
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Helldivers 2 is in a tough situation where the gaming community is slowly losing interest therefore losing the war for the best live service game. Arrowhead Game Studios is struggling to keep up and fix the game from issues while also coming up with something exciting.


Fortunately, some patriots are too loyal, and rather than abandoning the game, players are offering their best suggestions that could be implemented. The community is the most qualified to provide ideas since they are in the field and know what needs to be improved.

Players Have Come up With a New Stratagem Idea for Helldivers 2

The gaming community is not ready to give up on Helldivers 2 just yet.
The gaming community is not ready to give up on Helldivers 2 just yet.

Some players have noticed the drastic decline in quality and even threatened to quit the game because it no longer provides the same satisfaction they once had months prior. However, director Johan Pilestedt is optimistic that the studio will bounce back from these controversies and is counting on the community to share their suggestions for stratagems.


Flare Stratagem
byu/Lina4469 inHelldivers

The video game is about intergalactic warfare and the goal is not only to win but to survive. This means soldiers need to get their hands dirty and this stratagem suggestion could embody the idea where players can throw a flare that would temporarily blind or stun hostiles and give the players enough time to conduct a counter-offensive.

Adding a flare stratagem could have many benefits like lighting the path in dark areas or luring enemies towards it. Some players even suggested a multi-directional eagle strike where players must manually highlight the target area for the payload drop rather than air support coming from a less ideal direction.


With the overgrown forests and jungles of many planets, it wouldn’t take a lot to feel like an extra in Forrest Gump or Apocalypse Now with a flare setting off in the sky, casting light (and shadows) across the environment. Not to mention it’d offer another aspect to the gameplay, with enemies immediately heading to your location after firing it.

Helldivers 2 Is the Perfect Game to Implement Fan Suggestions

Director Johan Pilestedt and the rest of Arrowhead Game Studios appreciate the support Helldivers 2 is receiving.
Director Johan Pilestedt and the rest of Arrowhead Game Studios appreciate the support Helldivers 2 is receiving.

The beauty of game developers civilly interacting with the gaming community thanks to the shared love and appreciation for a video game is a rare sight to see. Rather than harassing the developers for their shortcomings, sharing ideas and providing support can be a much more viable option.

Pilestedt would often engage with the players personally respond to queries and even share his enthusiasm from the great ideas given. Perhaps the developers could somehow implement these ideas which could be a solution to escape the game’s current state.


Some ideas are more democratic and involve voting to decide where it is best to allocate excess resources that could make the gaming experience of newer players or those with lower levels to be easier and more convenient. The game is all about democracy and liberty which resonated well with the players.

The developers are also impressed with suggestions that could improve the mission variety like a blitz play-act where players need to move quickly and hit hard to retrieve the special cargo and reach the extraction point unscathed. The players are giving it their all and hope developers will meet them halfway.

Helldivers 2 is experiencing a severe case of content drought and Pilestedt isn’t worried about the present and is looking ahead because he knows how much the game means to the community. What are your stratagem suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!


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