Helldivers 2 May Be the Best Game You’re Not Playing Right Now, as It’s ‘blowing through the estimates’

Ready to be a part of 'Galaxy’s Last Line of Offense?'

Helldivers 2 May Be the Best Game You're Not Playing Right Now, as It's 'blowing through the estimates'


  • Helldivers 2's player count and reviews indicate a bright future for the game, urging new players to join the battlefield.
  • The game's setting invites players from all kinds of genres to try their luck on a battlefield riddled with different beasts and weapons of mass destruction.
  • The game's combat system makes a big impact on how the world shapes up, adding depth to the adrenaline-fueled third-person shooter.
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The arrival of Helldivers 2 has boosted the numbers for the coming-of-age third-person shooter that’s a spiritual successor to the first game that came out almost a decade ago. The action-packed game is seeing a rise in player base, and fans are recommending the experience even to those who aren’t aware of the franchise in the first place.


Strong reviews combined with powerful gameplay make Helldivers 2 an experience worthy of everyone who’s into exploring a distant landscape that’s troubled by ongoing threats and enemies of all kinds. If you’re a fan of shooter games, this might just be your next big escape.

The Numbers Are in Favor of Helldivers 2

The game invites anyone who's a fan of fast-paced shooters and combat in open spaces.
The game invites anyone who’s a fan of fast-paced shooters and combat in open spaces.

More and more players are getting on board with the game, and at the time of writing, more than 80,000 players are simultaneously enjoying the experience. Given the thrilling and fast-paced gameplay, it’s relatively simple for new players to quickly become part of the tactical shooting journey. More importantly, the game doesn’t require a huge skill ceiling for you to master in order for the experience to make complete sense.


Helldivers 2 impressively sits with ‘Mostly Positive‘ ratings on Steam, even though the game arrived very recently.

Furthermore, the game is climbing the charts fast enough to compete with the likes of Palworld and Counter-Strike 2. Arrowhead CEO and Creative Director behind the game assures the community that there’s a long way to go, but the game shows the potential to get to the top.

While the gameplay appeals to most players who’ve been acquainted with co-op shooters, it’s totally possible to have a great time playing the game solo. However, your actions will leave an impact on the world, even if you choose to brave these treacherous lands alone.


The Game’s World Invites You to Restore Law and Order

The game's different landscapes become unique experiences for players to enjoy.
The game’s different landscapes become unique experiences for players to enjoy.

On the surface, Helldivers 2 gives you a raw sense of restoring liberation. But the deeper issues within the game’s universe transpire against everyone who decides to fight for the good. The more you explore the game’s world-building and combat systems, the more curious you’ll get.

On its Steam page, the game’s introduction describes how the combat system blends with the world:

Combat is accompanied by frequent sprays of blood and dismemberment as players exterminate the alien forces or players and squad mates are hit by environmental explosions or friendly fire.

Guns and glory aren’t the only takeaways from the game, though. Massive co-op experiences are part of the process as you fight and strategize your way against hordes of enemies. Given the game’s impressive player count and reviews, despite how recently it came out, there’s a good chance that this is going to be one of those unexpected experiences you’ll end up liking.


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