Helldivers 2 Real-Time, Human Gamemasters Could Make or Ruin Every Match for You

Inspired by table-top gaming, Gamemasters in Helldivers 2 can influence players' co-op combat.

Helldivers 2 Real-Time, Human Gamemasters Could Make or Ruin Every Match for You


  • With Helldivers 2 being released today for PlayStation 5 and PC, there are several aspects that differ from the original.
  • The functionality of Gamemasters can either buff or de-buff, depending on the gameplay.
  • Early reactions from fans since have been one of positivity for Helldivers 2.
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Many RPG fans will no doubt be excited for the launch of Helldivers 2 today (8 February) for both PlayStation 5 and Windows. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2015 title of the same name has been subject to delays since being announced in December 2020; however, nearly a decade after the original was released, it’s time for players to launch into combat.


What players may be looking forward to most is how the combat aspect has changed since the first title. While the original game was top-down, players can now enjoy third-person action in this exciting RPG with impressive graphics and fluid gameplay. Perhaps what they weren’t expecting is how much of a say the Gamemasters have in co-op fights.

How Is Helldivers 2 Different?

Helldivers 2
Who’s ready to jump into co-op and take on Helldivers 2?

In a recent interview with PlayStation Access, Deputy Game Director Sagar Beroshi talked about the inspiration for the sci-fi game, how he enjoyed table-top gaming, and having a dungeon master. This led to the aspect of how Gamemasters in Helldivers 2 can influence individual battles and how this affects the whole universe.


It’s a really exciting concept to see how this functionality will affect the gameplay experience, and Beroshi advised that it’s not only buffs but also de-buffs that can be dropped in. The possibilities are endless as to how this functionality will change the experience in real time, and it is exciting to see it implemented.

Beroshi goes on to talk about inspirations, and there’s no doubt that comparisons can be drawn between Helldivers and cult classic movies like Aliens and Starship Troopers, and this is evident in the Helldivers subreddit and the reference from user stickimage.

Fan Reaction to Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2
With crossplay available, players on PS5 and PC can battle against swarms of enemies.

Indeed, some of the earliest comments on the official Helldivers 2 social media site X are full of praise for the game at this early stage. This can only be a huge positive for the developers, as many more players jump aboard and launch into combat.


Some players seem to be experiencing some small niggles, but this is to be expected with any game on launch, and there are sure to be patches in the near future to address any of these.

Despite this, the love being felt already by fans for Helldivers 2 just goes to show that all good things come to those who wait. Nearly a decade after the original title, the time to call in the Stratagems is here, and with cross-play support available for PS5 and PC, players can join together to take on all enemies.


With Helldivers 2 set to launch today for PS5 and Windows, many RPG fans are excited to see what the sequel from Arrowhead Games will bring, especially now that it is in 3rd person.

With Gamemasters able to affect your co-op fights in real-time, this may be more challenging than first expected.

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