Helldivers 2 PC Specs Are Quite Reasonable for Such Fluid Gameplay and Graphics

Almost everybody should be able to dive onto the battlefield.

Helldivers 2 PC Specs Are Quite Reasonable for Such Fluid Gameplay and Graphics


  • Arrowhead Game Studios shares the PC specs for Helldivers 2.
  • The developer confirmed that the game will support crossplay.
  • It will be released at the beginning of next month, on February 8.
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Ever since Helldivers 2 was announced during a PlayStation Showcase last year after a couple of leaked teasers, it has made its way onto many shooter fans’ anticipated game lists. Developer Arrowhead Game Studios was expected to release its sequel around the end of 2023, but like with almost all modern major titles, it also faced a few delays, with an official release date now set for February 8.


With less than a month remaining until Helldivers fans get to dive onto the battlefield, the developer has revealed the PC specifications that’ll be required to run the game, and they’re actually quite reasonable all things considered.

Helldivers 2 Will Support Crossplay Between PC and PS5

PlayStation has shared the PC specifications for Helldivers 2, and they are not that bad.
PlayStation 5 players can team up with PC gamers with Helldivers 2‘s crossplay support.

Arrowhead Game Studios took to the official PlayStation blog to share the complete PC specifications for Helldivers 2, explaining exactly what Windows players will require to seamlessly enjoy the upcoming game. Along with that, since the Helldivers sequel also comes with a crossplay feature between the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows, the post also provides details about the cross-platform support.


To get fans even more hyped up for the anticipated third-person shooter, Arrowhead also unleashed a new trailer, showcasing various gameplay elements, graphical wonders, and other features.

Helldivers 2 will simultaneously release on both the PlayStation 5 and PC at the beginning of next month, so the crossplay feature will be available directly at launch. The developer acknowledged that it knows that fans have been waiting for quite some time to hear more about the required PC specifications for the game, and right at the very beginning, it confirmed that the Helldivers sequel will most definitely support crossplay.

So, PS5 players can easily team up with their Microsoft Windows counterparts for the ultimate Helldivers experience.


According to the developer, Helldivers 2 takes the concepts of “Community and teamwork” very seriously, so system exclusivity should not come in the way of players working together. From sharing happiness in the case of winning to being sad about losing, “platform boundaries” are something that the team aims to overcome as gamers save the universe from a massive threat.

The Helldivers Sequel Doesn’t Require Anyone to Break Their PC to Play It

Arrowhead Game Studios shared the complete PC specs required to run the anticipated Helldivers sequel.
Arrowhead Game Studios shared the PC specs required to run the anticipated Helldivers sequel.

The announced Windows specifications for Helldivers II are divided into four tiers: minimum, recommended, performance, and ultra. This has been done so that almost all types of modern computers should be able to run the shooter title without much hindrance or game-breaking bugs. Arrowhead Game Studios has stated that it wanted “to ensure that no matter what kind of equipment” one has, they could check out the Helldivers sequel in all its glory.

So for those wondering whether their computer would be able to seamlessly run Helldivers II, Arrowhead Game Studios shared an extensively detailed table that explains each and every hardware and software requirement to “handle” the game. The minimum required specifications for the upcoming sequel give an average performance of 1080p at 30 FPS with low graphic presets. On the other hand, the ultra specs run the title at glorious 4K and 60 FPS.


However, there’s one thing that is common regardless of the tier one chooses to play Helldivers II on Windows with. Even if one wants to run the game at the lowest settings, the title will still take up 100 GB of storage, so it is advised to free up as much space as possible because the Helldivers sequel has a beefy installation size.

The rest of the specifications are honestly not the worst, though, especially when the required CPUs, GPUs, RAMs, and OSs are concerned.


Most of them are a couple of years old, so Helldivers II should not be a problem for most computers. When one looks at the latest trailer released by the developer, the extremely fluid gameplay and graphics seem like they would require much more, so these specifications are actually really impressive.

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