“Breaks my heart…”: Helldivers 2’s Massive Sales Seemingly Dwarfed by Palworld, but the Community Manager Isn’t Having It

The community manager of Palworld isn't thrilled of being used as a weapon for the Console Wars.

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  • The community manager of Palworld is not happy about the Console Wars.
  • Helldivers 2 is a massive triumph for Sony and PlayStation.
  • Indie game developers are paving the way for modern gaming.
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Helldivers 2 has achieved impressive accolades and milestones despite the many controversies and issues. There is one game that managed to steal its thunder. Palworld was also an unexpected success and the community manager is unhappy about the game being used as a bullet.


The console wars have been going on for decades and Bucky believes that the players who take part in this silly debacle are wasting their time. Developers are not meant to throw shade at each other and their work and players shouldn’t compare stats like sales and player count.

Palworld Sold Way Faster Than Helldivers 2

Palworld was a massive hit on Steam and on Xbox which makes it a worthy rival for Helldivers 2.
Palworld was a massive hit on Steam and on Xbox which makes it a worthy rival for Helldivers 2.

Despite being accused of ripping off Nintendo and its famous Pokémon franchise, Pocket Pair denies the claims of copying any idea, however, there is an undeniable fact that the video game has taken inspiration from it. The game was a success on Steam and the gaming community got to play the Pokémon game of their dreams and helped it reach an impressive milestone.


There were a few immature souls in the community who would occasionally stoke the flames of the console war and throw this comparison with PlayStation’s successful live-service game and it did not sit well with the community manager.

At one point, Xbox users were begging for Sony to port the game but their pleas fell on deaf ears as they were losing ground and PlayStation were gaining more and more players to join the fold. The numbers showed that Arrowhead Game Studios gave Microsoft a run for its money as it failed to give its community the experience they wanted.


It is silly to compare sales stats and Bucky believes players should play and keep their opinions to themselves and avoid spewing any more hate fuel. The toxic side of the gaming community is being exposed and the community manager is shutting it down fast. Other game developers should take this as an example to discourage this kind of behavior.

Helldivers 2 and Palworld Can Both Succeed

Helldivers 2 players are busy fighting the Galactic War instead of the Console Wars.
Helldivers 2 players are busy fighting the Galactic War instead of the Console Wars.

Bucky fails to comprehend why there are people out there who take joy in comparing video games and watch people throw a fit after a nerve is struck. Video games are meant to be enjoyed regardless of the quality. Pocket Pair is doing quite well and the recent teaser for more content will improve the game even more.

Rather than compare these games developed by indie developers, the gaming community should take time to recognize the contributions it made to small-time creators and it gave them a voice in the oversaturated game industry. Indie developers now have something to prove and these two games are great examples of their talent.


Comparing video games and throwing shade at them because they belong to a certain platform is quite counterproductive and distasteful. Bucky is not a fan of the console wars and believes that all games and platforms can prosper in unity.

Helldivers 2 and Palworld are doing well despite the controversies attached to these projects. What are your thoughts about the console wars? Let us know in the comments section below!


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