“Let the game rest”: Helldivers 2 ‘will be here waiting’ as Players Grow Impatient Over Bugs and Crashes

The Helldivers' Community Manager has provided details about an incoming hotfix.

"Let the game rest": Helldivers 2 'will be here waiting' as Players Grow Impatient Over Bugs and Crashes


  • Divers have been facing crashes right before extraction after spending a lot of time completing missions, which is understandably inconvenient to several players.
  • As players get impatient waiting for a patch, the Community Manager did reply to one fan, mentioning a hotfix is on the way and should be expected after the weekend.
  • Fans were left wondering why an update wasn't pinned or shared in the announcement channel, so that most players are informed.
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Helldivers 2 players have been constantly fighting for democracy since the game was released, having liberated several planets. The game isn’t without its share of bugs and crashes, but the developers have done a good job releasing a lot of regular patches helping players with a smooth experience.


The CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, Johan Pilestedt, has also done a brilliant job taking feedback and updating fans on X. However, one major update about a hotfix shared on Discord has left a lot of fans puzzled as it could easily be missed by fans.

Community Manager Updates Fans About an Upcoming Helldivers 2 Hotfix

Players have been facing Helldivers 2 crashes right before extraction, for which a hotfix is on the way.
Players have been facing Helldivers 2 crashes right before extraction. 

One of the major current issues with Helldivers 2 is that the game has been crashing for several players right after extraction. This has annoyed several fans who continue to show their love for the shooter. One of the affected players reached out to the official Helldivers‘ Discord channel and got a reply from the Community Manager, Thomas Petersson.


Petersson updated fans that a hotfix is on the way, which will reach users after the weekend. He asked the divers to give the game a bit of rest until the patch arrived.

A hotfix for the crashes is coming, but not over the weekend. Hang in there or perhaps let the game rest for a while. I feel you and (am) glad you hear you love the game, but it will be here waiting even if you let democracy lie for a few days

Players always feel good to hear from the devs or the community managers that crashes or bugs are being acknowledged and that a fix is being worked on. What was odd in this case, was that Petersson did not update fans on X about the same. This is odd since the platform is a go-to for gamers to learn from the devs about bugs and crashes.

The reply by Petersson about the incoming hotfix was neither pinned nor flagged as important which left community members perplexed as they discussed it on Helldivers‘ official Reddit forum.


Fans Left Wondering Why Petersson’s Reply Wasn’t Pinned

Fans were left wondering why the update about an important hotfix coming soon was not mentioned on a reliable channel.
Fans were left wondering why the update was not shared on other social media forums. 

One of the fans opened up a Reddit discussion about how several fellow divers could have easily missed Petersson’s reply. So far, the post has received over 3,700 comments, and almost everyone agreed with it.

Not sure why this isn’t an official announcement or pinned somewhere but here you go…
byu/mrsmash85 inHelldivers

Up until the time of this writing, Petersson has not shared the same update on X with fans, while it’s been a couple of days since it was shared on Discord.


Echoing the replies by most of the fans who left a comment on the post, one of the fans mentioned the update should have been shared on a better channel than Discord.

There is an announcement channel where patches and updates that are released get updated in detail immediately after launch. Another fan left a comment stating this update should have been in one of these announcement channels, rather than having left as a chat reply.

Do you actively check the official Discord channel for Helldivers 2 updates? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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