“So Much is Added to Our ‘To-Do Pile'”: Helldivers 2 is Too Successful for Its Own Good as Johan Pilestedt Admitted Arrowhead Can’t Keep Up

Helldivers 2, by Arrowhead Game Studios, faces challenges as CEO Johan Pilestedt discusses managing player demands and future updates.

Helldivers 2 Game


  • Johan Pilestedt revealed that original features like specialized helmet HUDs had to be cut due to the need to ship Helldivers 2 on time.
  • Arrowhead Game Studios is under significant pressure to keep up with the growing demands and feedback from Helldivers 2's expansive player base.
  • Despite the challenges, Arrowhead remains committed to improving Helldivers 2 by balancing new content, bug fixes, and community feedback.
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Helldivers 2 has enjoyed immense popularity since its release, but this success has brought significant challenges for Arrowhead Game Studios. In a recent discussion on Discord, Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead, talked about the difficulties the development team has in handling the game’s expansion while meeting increasing expectations from the players.


Johan Pilestedt Discusses the Challenges at Arrowhead

Arrowhead Game Studios is facing challenges trying to meet players' demands for Helldivers 2.
Arrowhead Game Studios is facing challenges trying to meet players’ demands for Helldivers 2.

For instance, the original plan for Helldivers 2 was to have all these features, like the unique functionalities of helmets, for all the different player classes. These include specialized heads-up displays in the helmets, which give medics the ability to see teammate health bars and recon units the ability to highlight enemy positions. Unfortunately, this feature had to be cut due to timing and the necessity of shipping the game on time.

Pilestedt went on to admit that while there was a need to cut some features, Helldivers 2 has proven to be a mega-hit with a player base that is high-maintenance with requests and bug reports. The success had heaped lots of extra pressure on the development team to try and keep up with the growing demands.


Arrowhead has been responsive in its responses to the Helldivers 2 community; despite the need for balance and prioritization of other needs in game development, it considers player feedback for implementation in future updates. For example, the implementation of the helmet HUD might appear in future updates.

The players have received this nicely, making the community very supportive and engaged with the team. That is key to long-term success and growth of Helldivers 2—how the development team will overcome further new challenges brought on by such rapid growth.

Balancing Quality and Growth in Helldivers 2

Johan Pilestedt wants to find a balance between growth and quality.
Johan Pilestedt wants to find a balance between growth and quality.

The huge success of the game has stretched Arrowhead’s resources to the limit, putting pressure on the team to maintain good-quality updates in Helldivers 2 and new content to deal with the increasingly growing list of player feedback and more bug fixes. It won’t get in the way of his team maintaining quality in the game to the best degree possible, Pilestedt said, for the best player experience.


As Helldivers 2 expands, Arrowhead keeps the balance between the new content, bugs, and changes with community feedback in one glance. All the while, pulled by the demands of rapid success, the development team is under pressure to improve the game. Without a doubt, the way forward is certain for Arrowhead, with a clear focus on quality and player satisfaction.

With everything going on at Arrowhead Game Studios, it’s clear that managing Helldivers 2‘s success is a complex task. However, Arrowhead Game Studios seems to be working through the pain as it continues to provide solid gameplay for the community.

What features or improvements are you most excited to see in future updates? Do you have any ideas on how Arrowhead can manage its ‘to-do pile’ effectively? Let us know in the comments below!


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