Helldivers 2’s Latest Warbond Comes Under Fire for Missing Out on 1 Obvious Passive

One player is getting fired up about the lack of specific passives in the new Warbond.

Helldivers 2's Latest Warbond Comes Under Fire for Missing Out on 1 Obvious Passive


  • The Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond adds several new weapons, armor, and more to the game.
  • One Redditor has expressed their annoyance at the lack of fire-resistant passives for the armor sets.
  • They claim that with the theme of the Warbond being fire and explosions, such an addition should have been made.
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Live-service games like Helldivers 2 survive and thrive based on the fresh periodic content they bring to the table. They go by many names: Battle Passes, Season Passes, or, in the case of the PlayStation exclusive, Warbonds.


The latest one to be added to the game brought with it some explosive inclusions. While many fans are happy with the weapons and armor sets in the game, one player has pointed out a pertinent issue regarding the passives included in the Warbond. They may be getting flamed for their opinion, but they aren’t entirely wrong.

Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond Passives are More Fizzle Than Spark

Helldivers 2 armor sets in the Warbond don't offer fire resistance.
Helldivers 2 armor sets in the Warbond don’t offer fire resistance.

Armor buffs and attributes can make or break a type of build. Helldiver armors boast passive attributes that can help players in their quest to fight for Democracy. There are seven total armor passives available in Helldivers 2, and some gamers expected the new sets included in the Warbond to bring additions to the list.


The new armor passives are lazy.
byu/elgatopadre inHelldivers

Redditor elgatopadre expressed his annoyance at the lack of any new worthwhile passives as part of the Warbond on r/Helldivers. According to them, the theme of explosion and fire should have carried over to the passives for the included armor sets. Unfortunately, according to them, “we just get the same passives we already had (and some of the least useful at that).”

The Redditor was hoping the armor sets would carry some fire resistance passives. It would have been very useful, considering fire damage from all sources got a boost. As we know, friendly fire in the game means your comrade’s flamethrower stream can burn you down just as easily as it does Terminids.


The Redditor also states there is already a passive to reduce damage from electric attacks, so it shouldn’t be out of the game’s bounds to include armor with fire resistance. They even go into detail as to why fire is the theme of the Warbond, further justifying their ask.

Helldivers Get New Weapons to Help Win the War for Super Earth

Cool Helldivers don't look at explosions.
Cool Helldivers don’t look at explosions.

While the armor passives from the update may not be up to snuff, people are quite happy with the new toys added to the arsenal. The CB-9 Exploding Crossbow is one such addition that is changing the meta of the game. While it does pose a danger to nearby Helldivers, there’s something satisfying about landing a well-timed hit with this launcher.

The Warbond brought three new utilities to Helldivers 2 for players to take with them into the fray, including the GP-31 Grenade Pistol. There are three new emotes for players to use and three new capes to be added to the armor sets. All of them have been named in typical Helldivers 2 fashion.


As the game continues to grow in scope and popularity, many people are now wondering if there will ever be any crossover between franchises. Fortnite does it a lot, and it has become a bit of a consistent practice with live service titles. No crossovers have been announced yet, but it remains to be seen what Arrowhead has planned.

What do you think of the included passives in the Warbond? Let us know in the comments below!

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