Helldivers 2’s Update has Fans Thinking an Xbox Announcement is Imminent

There are new recruits incoming.

Helldivers 2 Xbox Announcement


  • Helldivers 2 is about to release a new Major Order, which could be an important change.
  • According to a message in Discord, the next mission is about defending a training facility for three days that has new recruits.
  • Users on X are saying that this is anticipating the game coming to Xbox.
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According to the official Discord of the Helldivers 2 community, the recent Major Order is about to be fulfilled, and the message is that the next mission is already planned. In the next Major Order game, the players will have to defend a training facility for three days straight. 


The descriptions specifically said that there are new recruits incoming; according to some fans on X, this could mean that the Xbox version is finally coming. There are many other fans who say that this will never happen and that the mission is about something else.

Is Helldivers 2 Finally Coming to Xbox?

Helldivers 2 new Major Orders could be confirming a possible new platform.
Helldivers 2 new Major Orders could be confirming a possible new platform.

Since its launch in February, Helldivers 2 has been making all kinds of headlines. Sony’s recent financial reports confirmed that the game sold over 12 million units. The title’s complete success continues to add new players to the fight for democracy. There are no limits to what this IP could offer in a very active community. Recent suggestions indicate the possibility of launching the game on other platforms.


The game’s official Discord has announced the next mission as the current Major Order nears completion. This mission will make players defend a training facility that, according to the description, has new recruits.

Some reactions on X suggest that the game is finally making its way to Xbox, while others argue that it’s unlikely due to Arrowhead Game Studios’ close collaboration with PlayStation.


Democracy Could Expand Any Time Soon

The community has mixed opinions about this possibility.
The community has mixed opinions about this possibility.

Among the many things that players are saying about this new Major Order is that it will only introduce a new stratagem and no other big detail.

Some players are ready to play with their friends.


The community has not forgotten the whole Sony move.


The majority of users think that the possibility of the game coming to Xbox is zero. Other users also mentioned, in an ironic way, that Sony could reverse the ban on the more than 100 countries that were part of the big conflict that the company had with the Helldivers 2 community.

Numerous game fans have no problem with the game coming to the Microsoft console; it will only be good for the title’s popularity. However, it appears that this is merely a new mission designed to unlock a potential new stratagem.

The current Major Order is to eliminate 2,000,000,000 bots from the Automaton army. On the Discord server, it was announced that after this order, it would begin “The Second Galactic War,” so there is a possibility that a big change is coming.


The rumors about a new possible enemy have been around for a couple of months now, so this could finally mean that big changes are coming to the game with this supposed “Second Galactic War.Helldivers 2 fans are ready to face a new treat that will include more than just the Automaton and Terminid armies. The community is waiting for the game to evolve, adding all kinds of new things for upcoming battles.

What are your thoughts about this new Major Order? Let us know in the comments!


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