Henry Cavill Bows Down to the Action God of Hollywood, Calls This Star the Real Superman

Hollywood's action maestro was crowned as the authentic Superman by Henry Cavill, a bow to the real Superhero.

Henry Cavill Bows Down to the Action God of Hollywood, Calls This Star the Real Superman


  • Henry Cavill admires Tom Cruise's action prowess, calling him the real-life Superman, but fans miss Cavill's Superman with DC Studios changes.
  • Cavill praises Cruise's versatile action skills, highlighting his envy, while fans express longing for Cavill's Superman amid DC transformations.
  • Henry Cavill envies Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible stunts, revealing a physical fight during the casting process.
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In Hollywood’s ever-changing scene of superheroes and action stars, something interesting is happening. Henry Cavill, the guy we know as Superman, stirred things up. He gave a big shoutout to Tom Cruise, calling him the true superhero of Tinseltown. It’s not just about capes and spandex; the actor bowed down to the 61-year-old, saying he’s the real deal in Hollywood’s action world.

Hollywood actor Henry Cavill
Hollywood actor Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Pays Homage To Hollywood’s Action Icon, Tom Cruise

Right smack in the middle of Hollywood’s buzz, something interesting happened. Henry Cavill, you know, the Superman guy, gave a big shoutout to Tom Cruise, the action movie kingpin.

Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in the infamous "bathroom fight scene".
Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in the infamous “bathroom fight scene”.

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Cavill spilled his thoughts about Cruise in an interview with IGN. When asked about action scenes, a Man of Steel player said,

“Tom Cruise doesn’t need kryptonite to crunch Superman; he certainly does not. Tom Cruise is an incredibly tough cookie and he’s the real-life Superman.”

And you know what? Cavill might be onto something. Cruise is the go-to guy for action in Hollywood. Think action movies and the Top Gun star’s name pops up instantly.


Fans find it hard to think of something Cruise can’t do in action films. The guy can jump off buildings, tear through busy streets in a car chase, nail that iconic run of his, fly all kinds of air vehicles, hold his breath underwater for a whopping six minutes, and more.

However, Cavill is a superstar too, known for being the most beloved Superman. But there’s a twist. With James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over DC Studios, the fans miss Cavill as Superman.

Gunn clarified that it’s not about firing Henry; he was never cast for this story. He revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,


“We didn’t fire Henry. Henry was never cast. For me, it’s about who I want to cast as Superman and who the filmmakers we have want to cast. And for me, for this story, it isn’t Henry.” 

This unexpected nod from one superhero to another gives us a peek into the companionship among movie legends. Yet Cavill revealed that he was kind of jealous of Cruise.

Henry Cavill Revealed His Envy Toward Tom Cruise

Henry Cavill in a still from The Witcher
Henry Cavill in a still from The Witcher

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Cavill didn’t hold back when talking about his unexpected envy for Hollywood heavyweight Cruise. He spilled the beans on his wish to be part of the next Mission: Impossible, expressing his jealousy over Cruise’s jaw-dropping stunts in the seventh film.


In an interview with Empire, Cavill revealed,

“I was extremely jealous. I want to be there, I want to be parachuting off a motorbike into a canyon. Why can’t I be there?”

Despite the envy, Cavill holds a deep admiration for Cruise. He acknowledged the resilience and real-life heroics beyond the silver screen.

Reflecting on his previous stint in Mission: Impossible, Cavill emphasized the extraordinary crew and creative team. He called it the most enjoyable, hard job he’d ever done. He stated,


“As I always say, the Mission Impossible movie for me was the most enjoyable hard job I’ve ever done. Because it was extremely hard work, but I loved every second of it.”

But the road to joining the Mission: Impossible cast wasn’t a walk in the park. As per 7 News Miami Cavill disclosed a physical tussle with Cruise during the casting process. “We fought,” Cavill chuckled, describing the intense audition process.

“We physically fought. It’s part of the thing; you have to wrestle to the death, and they stopped us just before we killed each other, and they say, OK, cool, yeah, you have the part.”

In these revelations, Cavill’s candor unveils the human side of Hollywood’s superheroes. It shows that even Superman himself can feel a twinge of jealousy when it comes to the unstoppable force that is Cruise.


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