Henry Cavill Can Still Be In House Of The Dragon After George R.R. Martin’s Latest Update

With the reveal of House of the Dragon season 2, the author also reveals a way that can make is possible for Cavill to join the show's roster.

Henry Cavill Can Still Be In House Of The Dragon After George R.R. Martin's Latest Update


  • Henry Cavill's departure from The Witcher has left fans wondering what he will do next.
  • Fans had hoped he would join Game of Thrones, but it didn't happen.
  • However, George R.R. Martin has revealed that there will be a third and fourth season of House of the Dragon.
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It’s been quite a while since the news of Henry Cavill taking his leave from Netflix’s superhit series The Witcher as the main protagonist came to the audiences’ notice, which was saddening news for his fans, to say the least. Thus, with this fact taking effect, many wanted to know what would be the next step for the star to take.

Henry Cavill in a still from The Witcher
Henry Cavill in a still from The Witcher

Catering to his love for fantasy and adventure stories and novels, many suggested he should take a shot at HBO’s Game of Thrones series, which unfortunately did not seem to happen, even with the release of House of the Dragon. But with George R.R. Martin’s recent revelation of there being a third and fourth season in the works, fans still have hope to see the star somewhere in there.

Henry Cavill May Become Part Of House Of The Dragon In The Future

A still from House of the Dragon
A still from House of the Dragon

The entire landscape of the silver screen was completely flipped when HBO decided to release  Game of Thrones with audiences going absolutely insane for the series. Today, that legacy is being continued by its prequel series House of the Dragon, made in collaboration with the original literary series author George R.R. Martin.


And it seems like WB and Martin have been brainstorming to better tell the story, as with the release of the teaser for the aforementioned series’ Season 2, we were also informed that there was more to come.

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In a recent post on his blog site Not A Blog, the author revealed that he and the showrunners for the currently ongoing prequel series were hard at work for the last few days coming up with what more they can do to expand and elaborate on the tales that eventually led to the original Game of Thrones storyline. This led them to come up with the penning of Season 3 and 4 in the coming time. He said:


“It was not all tromping through sets, though. I also spent two days locked in a room with Ryan Condal and his writing staff (Sara Hess, Ti Mikkel, David Hancock, and Philippa Goslett) talking about the third and fourth seasons of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. They were lively, fun discussions, and we got some good work done… though two days was not nearly enough. There is so much ground to cover that I am not sure twenty days would have been enough.”

This has led many to be hopeful for Henry Cavill, who loves fantasy novels and the genre of storytelling, who can be seen as part of the cast in the future. Considering his reputation as well as the demand for the franchise for talented stars, it’ll be a wonderful opportunity to witness the Man of Steel star in the series, especially as a Targaryen.

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What Does House Of The Dragon Have In Store For Us?

A still from House of the Dragon Season 2
A still from House of the Dragon Season 2

With all the events that transpired in season one, the upcoming season of House of the Dragon promises to deliver the culmination of all those into the much-anticipated war.


With the release of the trailer, we can witness the bad blood between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, former best friends, coming to a boiling point. Along with their several allies by their sides, the second season is gearing up for the much-awaited war of dominance and succession, dubbed the Dance of the Dragons. 

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House of the Dragon Season 2, releasing in Summer 2024.



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