Henry Cavill Felt ‘Uncomfortable’ With S*x Scenes After His The Tudors Co-star Creeped Him Out With Abusive Director’s Technique

Henry Cavill Felt 'Uncomfortable' With S*x Scenes After His The Tudors Co-star Creeped Him Out With Abusive Director's Technique
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Henry Cavill has worked on various movies that all ask different things out of him. Some might ask him to be a hero while others might ask him to be a villain. He is not someone who is hesitant when it comes to exploring as an actor, so there is not much he finds uncomfortable. Even when there are some dangerous stunts, Cavill would not mind volunteering to do them by himself.

Henry Cavill
The charming Henry Cavill

He has done both movies and television shows that help in bringing out the best of his talent. However, not every scene that has done, and not every movie that he has been a part of was enjoyed by him as thoroughly. No matter how much enthusiasm he put into his work, in the end, some scenes were just better than others.

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Henry Cavill Was Not Fond Of His Intimate Scenes In The Tudors

Henry Cavill rose to stardom with his work in The Tudors. The series became a prominent part of his life and had a significant impact on his career as well. The show saw him grow in the industry and he started to explore his flexibility as an actor. He had a lot of scenes where he was shown getting intimate with other actresses and those were perhaps his least favorite sequences.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

“When you’re on set, you’ve got at least twelve very heavily set men watching you. It’s not comfortable and things aren’t happening as naturally as they should.”

He admitted that those were scenes that made him rather uncomfortable. For him, the act of intercourse is personal and should be done in private. So having so many people surrounding him was something he was not fond of at all. He would always be surrounded by people during those scenes and wished that they would end as soon as possible.

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Amy Adams Thought Complimenting Henry Cavill In Front Of Him Would Make Him Uncomfortable

Amy Adams loved her time working with Henry Cavill and was fawning over him and his charming personality. She could not help but compliment him and talk about him to other people. His charisma had mesmerized her so much. However, she had to stop herself in front of him.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams

“Poor Henry, I talk to other people like ‘Oh Henry’s beautiful and he’s such a nice guy and this’, but then you say that in front of him and you feel like really creepy.”

She thought that the more she sang his compliments right in front of him, the more creepy she would seem. She did not want to seem any more peculiar than what she believed she already was. She tuned it down in front of him.

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